10 Weight loss hacks
Get the body you have always wanted with these weight loss hacks

10 Weight loss hacks

There are easy ways to be conscious of your health and weight loss, the first step is to start this journey is to start being mindful about it and to think first before opening your mouth to regret.

Let’s explore this journey together and let’s work on our mind-sets. The major part for me to get over was my own restrictions and the boundaries I have set in my own head. Life is to short not to live your best life. Problem with living and being unhealthy does not happen overnight bad as good habits take time to develop and to adapt to.

You don’t have to make a dramatic change one day, you can make a small change daily. One better decision at a time is how you create a totally different life.  Your current lifestyle might be great but there is always room for improvement. If your current lifestyle is very unhealthy to be thankful that it is all about to change.

1.      Drink a lot of water

Drink a lot of water always. I must confess I have always been guilty of this. I have personally said many times that I do get my water in coffee, wine and soft drinks. Funny yes but nothing can be further from the truth. Water has so many health benefits for us and is not only good for you it is essential for staying alive. This could actually keep us busy for ages as there are too many to actually pin down but I will start by giving you some basics.  Various studies show that staying hydrated can reduce the risk of colon cancer by as much as 45%, bladder cancer 50% and reduce the risk of other cancers as well. By drinking water, you can improve your mood and definitely think clearer. Research has proven being dehydrated can make you cranky and confused.

Sometimes we think we are hungry but we are actually thirsty so when those hunger pains hit to have a drink of water first. Our bodies turn on all the possible alarms on when we are ignoring it. So when we want to lose some weight let’s stay hydrated as it will also be an appetite suppressant.  Staying hydrated will also help with joint pains as it will keep your joints hydrated and healthy.  Our digestive systems are extremely dependant on water to get the waste out of our systems through sweat and urine. So keep flushing your system clean to be healthier and stay healthy. Water is also great for headache prevention because headaches can also be because of dehydration.  Our skin is the largest organ in our bodies, regular and plentiful water consumption can improve the colour and texture of the skin. Drinking water helps the skin do its job by regulating body temperature by sweating.

Water is also essential for the circulation of nutrients through the body. Water serves as the bodies transportation system and when we are dehydrated things can just not get around as well as it should. I always carry a bottle with me so I can fill up anywhere this will also prevent you from buying unnecessary soft drinks. Eat lots of raw fruit and veg as they are dense in water. An easy way to see if you need water or not is your urine needs to be light in colour so drink water until you frequently need the loo and your urine is light in colour.


Weight loss hack 1

2 .      Use smaller plates

I never really thought of this as a possible way to lose weight.  It didn’t occur to me until I went to a restaurant that me and my husband frequent in Johannesburg. I realised that the plates are smaller and I started thinking about it, it made sense that they would want to serve customers in smaller plates to have smaller dishes and therefore make more profit. I then realised the same must be true for portion sizes and us being satisfied. My husband and I noticed this a few years ago actually when we wanted to slim down. We started by ordering a meal and sharing it and wait 20 minutes and order again, turned out that we never ordered again as we were satisfied.

So order less, I see people all the time’s order mountains of food and they eat it all fast. If they just slowed down they might be full long before they overeat.  There have been over 50 studies done that proved that using small plates make you lose weight and eat less.

Weight loss hack no 2

3.    Walk further

I think it is a known fact that walking is extremely good for you and I will show you some of the benefits. We simply live in a society that sits too much so we can make some minor changes that will force us to walk more. Walking is the first easy exercise most of us can do. It’s all about the mind change, when I go to the shopping mall I never look for parking close to the door as I prefer to walk a bit so I have gotten used to the habit of parking at the back. Whenever I have the choice I don’t use the elevator and choose to take the stairs. Ok let’s be reasonable when I go to an office block and need to be on the 50th floor I will use the elevator but when it is not that much I use the stairs.

When you use the bus or the train get off one stop before the place you actually need to get off and walk. This will be different in every country. I know in New York, for instance, people tend to walk more but in South Africa, we don’t have a great transport system so most of us drive so here, for instance, we need to be more vigilant about this. When going to the office park far from it and force yourself to walk. If you own a dog start walking it I know your best friend will be delighted if you walk him/her and it will be an enjoyable exercise for you.  To burn about 500 steps a day you need to walk about 10 000 steps a day. So what do I do I am asked many times must I count my steps that’s an impossible task. Most smartwatches this day will be able to do it for you. There are many products available that can count your steps and this is wonderful for that extra inspiration that you need to slim down. My watch has a setting that will even remind me that I am sitting too still for 2 long. So aim for 10 000 steps a day. It might not always be possible but this is a set goal that we should all aim for and can accomplish.

The gear fit pro 2 has really helped me stay ahead of my daily steps try add any fitness watch to help you monitor your steps .

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4.    Eat breakfast within 30 minutes of waking up

As you will see there are many of these that I am guilty of. I never use to eat breakfast as I am not really hungry early in the morning. One has to force oneself it will kick-start your metabolism. Eating within this timeframe will actually improve your metabolism 20 to 30%. I am not a hungry first thing in the morning but the fact is one must get your metabolism going so if, like me ,you are one of those people that don’t eat first thing in the morning get, get yourself a protein shake.  There are better and worse foods to eat in the morning and I will list a few healthy options for you. Eggs are extremely healthy and delicious and a soft food that is high in protein and soft, perfect for that sleepy stomach. Yoghurt is creamy and nourishing. As all of us know coffee is good to start the day with and some people only start waking up after the second cup. Other great and healthy options are nuts, berries, green tea and chia seeds.

This will not apply to you if you use intermittent fasting that I wrote about last week.

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5.    Stop drinking junk

We underestimate how bad, bad drinks are, sure like I use to say I get my water in my soft drinks but I think if flavoured soda was the healthiest option God would put it in our tap’s. We are supposed to drink 8 glasses of water a day, water not liquid.  Some of the soft drinks I love is high in caffeine that causes dehydration. Soft drink just doesn’t provide the same hydration levels water does. The body loses about 2 litres of water a day so if you drink 2 litres a day you are just replacing. So we know we should drink water but let’s look at the donts. In the information age, I am always astonished to find that there are so many people that still have no idea of what they are putting in their bodies. I hear many people say I am on this great diet so I drink a lot of smoothies. Well sorry to burst your bubble but a lot of these types of drinks are worse for you than any meal could be. Take this example when you eat an apple you feel full, you won’t think of eating three or four or five.

Never but one could easily drink that much without thinking about it twice. Juice healthy right, wrong, most of the drinks we find are full of sugar. There is no point in starving yourself but drinking yourself fat. Many people do not even think about a soft drink but remember soft drink were designed to taste great not keep you healthy. Personally, I do not like the taste of water. I knew at some point I am going to have to change my ways so I started adding a few drops lemon that makes it bearable. One just has to teach yourself to be healthy and make good decisions. Water is essential for life and to look and feel great so drink it.

6.    Eat 1-2 cups of veggies before lunch and dinner

Research has proven that digestion happens no matter in which order your food is eaten. It is recommended though that you eat a fruit about 30 minutes before meals, this will make feel fuller and make better food decisions. Don’t wait until you are starving as you will make horrible food choices and you will overeat. It takes the stomach about 20 minutes to get the message that you are full to your brain so eat slow.

7.    Stop the fat thinking

It’s important to remember that you will live out what goes on in your mind. So think well and you will live well and eat well. The saying goes you are what you eat which is very true but what you eat will come from what you think. It’s all about the mindset. Set a goal and visualise it. See yourself thin and the major part of the battle has been 90% won. Whatever you visualise yourself as will happen, Whatever you can visualise will happen and whatever you truly want you will have. Stop, step one is to stop breaking yourself down. Believe in yourself and your goals and don’t be a slave to food.

8.      Take your running shoes everywhere

Make sure that you are always ready for a walk. Stop seeing it as pain and just think of all the gains. Keep your running shoes in your car and take walks as often as you can. At first one would think it is not possible but when you start and get into this habit you will miss your walking. Make sure your tools are on hand and that you always ready for battle. Lot’s of people also go on holiday and leave their running shoes behind, they are actually the first item you should always pack. Go walk and enjoy wherever you are, instead of overindulging on food go walk in nature, actually experience your holiday and get active. Make those different decisions today that will change tomorrow.

9.      Sleep

Your physical health depends heavily on your sleeping patterns. While you sleep the healing and repairing of your body are happening so ongoing sleep deficiency may lead to heart disease kidney disease and high blood pressure, diabetes and even stroke. These are just a few ideas you can start following for a better greater(smaller) you.

10.      Try Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is fast becoming the world’s most famous weight loss technique and helps you lose weight but suggesting when its users eat and not how the user eats. This means that people who try this never feel like they are on a “diet” .We have written a lot of articles about this in the past. This is the easiest method to maintain muscle and lose weight that is taking the world by storm.


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