1200 Calorie Diet:A simple 7 day plan

1200 Calorie Diet:A simple 7 day plan

If you want to lose weight it’s important to always eat fewer calories than you can burn on any given day. Create a deficit for easy weight loss. A 1200 calorie diet restricts your food intake.   As always I recommend that any diet should be safe and one should consult your GP.

a 1200 calorie diet is a key factor when your are trying to loose weight competitively  or for your wedding

I really like weight loss but it’s extremely important that your health is not affected negatively.  Realistically we should not aim for more than one or two pounds a week to stay healthy.  1200 calories are actually the lowest you should be eating if you want to get in the sufficient nutrients your body needs

So let’s look at what such a diet could look like. Keep in mind that we should always do whatever we do in moderation. Stay healthy is what I will always preach. It is common sense that if you want to lose weight that you should count calories and choose healthier foods.

I have made a seven-day diet plan for you that is easy to abide by and make you slim down, this is just one example of how it is possible to make your diet delicious. You can amend this to your personal taste as there are literally hundreds of healthy food options.

Day 1: 🐟 Seafood Lovers paradise😍 

Seafood is one of the world’s most versatile and complex proteins . It contains vitamins and minerals such as phosphorus,zinc,iodine and potassium and has been proven to lower cholesterol and heart disease among others.   

  1. Breakfast – ¾ Cup of Bran flakes, one small banana and one cup fat-free milk in a bowl.
  2. Lunch – 4 Ounces of steamed fish. Eat with 1 Cup steamed Broccoli and steamed Asparagus.(one ounce is roughly 28 grams.) This can be seasoned as you like but ad a pinch of cayenne pepper to speed up the losing pounds process.
  3. Dinner – Green Salad with Tuna. 1 Cup of Tuna. Ad a green salad with onion, tomatoes and lettuce. Spice as you like.
    What you can stick to is water to drink or green tea. What I always do is drink a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to speed up the calorie burning process

Day 2:  🍗Chicken or Egg day 🍳

Chicken is a great protein that has been consumed by humans for decades . Its mass appeal means that chicken is affordable and doesn’t require a lot of effort to get perfect 

  1. Breakfast – Two boiled eggs on the toast. Season to taste(Alternatively 2 Cups of fruit salad)
  2. Lunch – Low-calorie soup and a whole grain pita.
  3. Dinner – 4 ounces boneless skinless chicken breast. Can be seasoned to taste. Grill the chicken breast and serve 1 cup steamed vegetables of choice

Day 3 : My big fat greek diet 

  1. Breakfast – 1 Cup oats and serve with low-fat milk and some apple slices to make it a tad more interesting. Artificial sweetener can be added.
  2. Lunch – Chicken salad. Cut 2 chicken breast pieces into cubes or strips. Grill chicken. Ad lettuce onion, 1 Tomato and light dressing and a few cubes feta cheese
  3. Dinner – Serve 4 ounces steamed shrimp with one baked potato topped with 2 tablespoons salsa en some Greek Yogurt. Have one ounce of dark chocolate as a dessert.

Day 4 :kinny cheese lovers 🧀

The international dairy foods association has , in a recent, study found that the worlds’ cheese consumption has increased drastrically with approximately 11 billion pounds of the stuff being eaten in the 2011 year alone .

Cheese is usally eaten in a way the cancels out its many benefits . You don’t have to completely remove chesse from your diet but are urged to be careful as cheese is a calorie dense food with vitamins and menerals such as calcium , protein , Vaitamins A, B12,riboflavin , zinc and phosphorus. Cheese was added to the day 3 meal plan in a practical and sesiable way .

  1. Breakfast -Two egg omelette with fried pepper and onions. You may ad low-fat cheese to taste.
  2. Lunch – Low cal lentil soup(1 Cup) Can be served with a rye pita and thinly sliced lean ham
  3. Dinner – 3 Ounces poached salmon with coleslaw as you prefer it. Pair with a couscous salad.

Day 4: Bannanas for bannanas 🍌

Bananas are one of the world most popular fruits and are a superfood as they have many benefits and can help regulate sugar levels . You can read more about the different varieties , benefits in this healthline    
article . 

We recommend having a banana a week and have added it to the 3rd days’ meal 

  1. Breakfast – 1 Cup bran serial with 1 banana and low cal yoghurt. Ad almonds cinnamon to taste.
  2. Lunch – Shrimp and Avo salad. Steam 2 Cups shrimp. Ad one avocado and low-fat blue cheese dressing with spring onion and lettuce.
    Dinner – 3 Ounces of lean pork tenderloin with one cup steamed sweetcorn with one sliced tomato seasoned to taste

Day 5 : Nuts here nuts there 🌰

If you have been in grocery store recently you will realise that the price of nuts has increased dramatically over the last few years due to global warming and the increased global demand ,despite all of the this , Nuts are still one of the most whole foods that you can consume . Nuts are a great source of proteins and fat which help the body in many may ways . 

  1. Breakfast – Toast one slice whole grain waffle, spread with 1 and ½ tablespoons nut butter and top with 1 small banana plus cinnamon to taste and 1 glass of fat-free milk.
  2. Lunch – Tuna Pita with 1 small whole wheat pita. Use two ounces of light water-packed tuna, 1 tablespoon light mayonnaise, mustard, cucumber and onion slices. Serve with a handful of baby carrots with unsweetened yoghurt as a topping.
  3. Dinner- Jumbulaya made with brown or banting rice. ½ cup corn, 2 ounces lean mince. Ad 1/3 cup of salsa and ¼ black beans. Eat with 3 cups spinach sautéed with garlic and 1 tablespoon olive oil.

Day 6 : Simply the best 😛

On day 6 we have combined much of the menu items listed above into our day of favorites .

  1. Breakfast -Layer ½ toasted English muffin with one ounce of reduced fat cheese sliced, 1 tomato slice and ½ cup steamed spinach drained. Top with one poached egg and serve with a grapefruit.
  2. Lunch – Black bean salad. Use one can of black beans and drain. Ad freshly chopped tomatoes and ½ an onion with ½ a green or red pepper and butter lettuce. Ad spice to taste.
  3. Dinner – 3 ounces grilled steak(Lean) Green or bean salad as explained previously.

Day 7 : Fasting Day 

If you have been following our blog you will know that we are large advocates of intermittent fasing and all its benefits . If you fast for one day a week you can be more relaxed about your food choices on days when you are not fasing .  

This is a very simple menu that you can spice up as you like and change. It’s a simple application of how healthy and delicious good food can be. All the foods are tasty and if you follow this meal plan there is no way that you will not lose weight.

The way we look at food simply has to change for a healthier living. Not only do we all have pounds we want to shed we want to live long and healthy. Let me open your eyes to some food options that are delicious and healthy. Let’s look at some food comparisons that might just change the way you view food.

When we start calorie counting our food options are really looked at differently and we change the way we look at food, for example, two cups of blueberries are only 160 calories as where a tiny slice of blueberry muffin will also be 160 calories, in this example I would rather have the much more filling blueberry option.

A tiny turkey wrap will have plus minus 200 calories. For the same calories, you can have a larger Rye sandwich that is way more filling and have some added cheese and lettuce and a slice of tomato.                                                       
When you start realizing the true calories in the food choices you make you will stand astonished. ½ a tablespoon of sour cream is higher in calories than having 2 and ½ cups of salsa which both are 250 calories. So eating less is not the answer it is eating smarter that does the trick.
One sliced of Banana Bread with nothing added comes in at 200 calories for the same amount of calories you could have eaten two full bananas also proving the fact that once the food is processed they are just not as healthy as unprocessed foods.                                                                                                    
How food is prepared also can have a huge impact on how they change and how much calories you will eat. A small serving of fries will give you 230 calories the same amount as a large boiled potato plus salsa and some fresh toppings, so by making small meal changes you can definitely eat a daily deficit in your daily calory deficit.                                                                              
Once you realise that simply looking at the calories of your meals can change your life it actually inspires you to eat better. One may think a simple snack is ok right? wrong 30 cheez snakes can equal 3 cups of popcorn which is 190 calories and don’t even let me start on potato crisps.
There are many ways to cut down on your calorie intake dramatically and one of the easiest ways to do so is eating clean food and unprocessed wherever you can. So what is the definition of clean food I am asked many times? This is simply trying to eat food in their natural state as far as possible. There are many definitions of clean eating but in my books, it’s mainly eating unprocessed foods.

Just to show you the difference 1/3 of a slice of carrot cake will amount to a staggering 160 calories and if you ate boiled baby carrots you could comfortably eat 40 baby carrots with the same calorie count and way more feeding value. It’s very important that we look at calories believe me you are going to be astonished every time. A glass of green juice will be 140 calories, that’s great but not if you think about its place you could have had a glass of white wine. I find some of these examples astonishing and always tell people to be careful that they don’t drink themselves fat. A smoothie is not very healthy as one can drink your total daily amount of calories in one smoothie.
Don’t get me wrong I am not saying stay away from smoothies I am simply saying be mindful of the calories you are drinking as there are many healthy smoothies out there just be mindful of what you put into your favourite drink. One must be careful of how you think, which is healthy calories and which is not. The same amount of sweet potato fries will be higher in calories than white potato fries and for very long people believed it was opposite.
I have described this app in one of my other articles which are called My Fitness Pal. It is free on the app store and an absolute must have. Calorie counting can be a task in itself but this app makes it so easy. You can set your goal weight to enter your exercise and add food and drinks. It can be difficult to work out how much calories you are eating but with this app most of the foods are pre-loaded so you just choose the closest option. At first, I thought another thing to do in our already full lives.
I made a commitment for a week and now its second nature and takes a minute or two. Get calorie counting for your thinner more confident self. We are actually very privileged in our information age as many foods have the calorie specification on the back so just read. My fitness pal also has the option to scan the packaging and will immediately tell you what the calories will be per serving that you eat. Think and treat food differently, it is going to take a little while but once your mindset has changed your home free. You will eat better and very soon feel better.
If you are having a day where you eat more than 1200 calories don’t fear, increase your steps by walking or do some extra exercise.
Something I found early on to be a big help is eating slower and making my portion sizes smaller. Use smaller plates and don’t put all the food on the table. Dish the food in the kitchen out of eyesight and use a smaller plate. These two simple steps will already make a large difference.
I want you to be clear before attempting any diet that you tor mindset is what is going to determine what you will accomplish. Make sure you are completely committed before you attempt any activity because if you are not completely committed all your efforts will be in vain. This is the time for simple lifestyle changes that will impact the rest of your life and change the way you look at food.
Something that also works wonderfully for me is doing fasting days. There are more comprehensive articles about fasting on this blog and it is definitely worth looking into it if you are one of those people that can fast as many people have told me for them it’s an absolute no-go. Personally, I have found that it balances out my weekly calorie total and it makes me appreciate food in a different way. There are many ways to eat a calorie deficit and the 1200 calorie a day diet is definitely a wonderful option. It is not too large to change to your diet and gives you the calorie deficit required to lose those unwanted pounds. Please remember that you are doing this for you and you are not trying to impress anyone. By realising it’s for you-you will not want to cheat and stick to this diet. So good luck on your journey and give us feedback on how you changed your life for the better “one step at a time”.

Franz Van Rooyen

Franz Van Rooyen is a health and fitness, blogger, interior designer, and sales and marketing expert with experience in the retail, design, and information technology fields. His love for health, fitness and beauty is the inspiration for many of the articles you will see on bionicsgo.com .

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