Best Weight loss diet
Apples used as part of a healthy diet can be a good source of sugar

Best Weight loss diet

There are hundreds if not thousands of diets in the world but not one has been crowned the best weight loss diet . Everyone will tell you that they have the winning formula. The fact of the matter is that we are all different, what works for one person won’t necessarily work for you. Body types and blood types are different but so are our habits.  There are definite things that work and there are things that just doesn’t.  It is important that you look at your history and also acknowledge your bad habits. I am going to share some valuable information with you as it worked for me. Not a miracle recipe but something that works if you do. There are many different opinions about weight loss and there are healthy and unhealthy ways to lose weight.

I have always had weight issues and have made a conscious effort to change my habits and get my weight under control. I have tried numerous diets and exercises but I have found something that works for me and I will share my knowledge with you.

I have realized just exercising or just dieting does not do the trick. What I have found really well is intermittent fasting with eating correctly and exercising. As far as fasting goes, me and my husband fast twice a week. We fast 36 hours and it really cleanses the system and rejuvenates the mind.

Before going on let me share some proven facts with you of fasting.  A number of studies have suggested intermittent fasting has numerous health benefits, including weight loss, lower blood pressure, and reduced cholesterol. When the body has used up glucose stores during fasting, it burns fat for energy, resulting in weight loss.  Fasting is not the same as starving yourself, which is what many people think when they hear fasting.

Fasting has been around for thousands of years, as spiritual fasting is part of many religions. In our case, however, it is not spiritual and more for our health. When we are not fasting we eat whatever we want, I say this within reason as you don’t want to overeat in such a way that you cancel your fast. On our normal none fasting days, we eat lean meat, veggies, and fruit and stick to the healthier food options. There is no right or wrong way to fast there are several ways to fast and you can decide what works for you. There is interesting information on In some cases, I have referenced him combined with my own experience. Intermittent fasting is also known as cycling fasting. Intermittent fasting is a catch-all phrase for eating(and not eating) intermittently.

In my personal opinion the days I fast I feel like my body is resetting and I feel light. I have grown so accustomed to fasting that when I don’t do it I feel tired and feel like I am eating way too much. There are different ways to fast and I would suggest you do some research and see what works for you.



In conjunction with fasting, we exercise regularly and try and take it easy on carbohydrates. Your exercise when you want to lose weight will be cardio. We make it simple by doing 30 minutes of cardio a day. We do this every day including fasting days but don’t exercise on weekends. This is up to you but we feel we like to rest on weekends. Years ago we purchased an elliptical machine and in the privacy of our own home we run and watch television. Time really flies by when your mind is focussing on something else. Cardiovascular exercise is any movement that increases your heart rate and increases blood circulation in the body. Cardio mainly works your heart and does burn calories. It all depends what your aim is. We wanted to lose weight and live healthier.  In a short time of 60 days, my husband lost 30 kg and I lost 20 kg. In Combination, the fasting and cardio are great for burning stubborn fat. It is extremely important when attempting any diet that you are focussed, have a specific goal and that you are determined to accomplish your goal. The first thing to remember is to change your mindset and instead of Jojo dieting make this a lifestyle so you are not constantly discontent. Get into a habit of living smarter.

It is much easier to maintain your weight than constantly going on a diet. We check our weight every day and stay vigilant. When we noticed we gained we immediately do extra exercise or do extra fasting. There are so many people that wait till its almost 2 late to try and get the extra weight off. Remember by checking it is much easier to lose a few kilograms but one you are at a place of obesity the turn around is not easy nor pleasant. Why I emphasize to make it a lifestyle is it is important to stay healthy for your loved ones. We are in the information age and we are very privileged that we have access to the world wide web with all the information we could ever need. Find yourself exercises that you like to do and exercises that work best for you. Truth is we don’t all like exercise and some would go as far as saying they hate it. I once heard something that really impacted my life positively. The saying was “A year from now you are going to wish you started today.” I know changing one’s mindset is no easy task but can definitely be done with a little willpower and discipline. Something that you should always be vigilant about is your food.

Your type of food, the amount you eat and what is really necessary for your body. My husband and I started a habit years ago to order one meal when going to a restaurant. The body does take 20 minutes to realise that you have had enough to eat, therefore we order a meal and eat it together. We then wait a bit before ordering the second meal. In the beginning, we were quite astonished that we never order the second meal as we are satisfied. I look at families in restaurants and sometimes I am absolutely horrified to see how much food they order and consume. Its heartbreaking to see that almost all of the time over-weight parents have overweight children. I read such an interesting article once how we eat completely too much. In the old days, we use to hunt our food. SO while we were looking for food we exercised, today we sit in our cars while we order food at the drive-through. We are bombarded with advertisements for fast food and it is available everywhere. We are taught at home to be fat is the truth of the matter and we all need to teach ourselves better habits and need to start teaching others and especially children. We need to start reading packaging of food and know what we are consuming. Most packaging is clear on what we are consuming so start reading packaging.  You will be horrified to see there is no relation between the quantity of food and calorie consumption.  Be careful what you eat and learn to love the good foods. Remember I said before you need to find what works for you so this is simply my advice and eating things your body need instead of things that your body wants or crave. Counts your calories. There are many apps that can assist you. I use an app called “My Fitness Pal” it is a handy tool to measure your calorie intake daily and you can set specific goals. It is also completely untrue that good food tastes bad. We are privileged to love healthy food which definitely helps. We love fruit and veg and we look for leaner meats. There are so many low carb or no carb food options and once you start looking for them you will see that the options are endless. We should eat to live and not live to eat. On a fasting day when we find it very hard to not eat we drink low calory soup. Nothing is set and stone but our habits have greatly changed. Before we made this commitment to our health one of the things I loved was mashed potatoes, they are very high in calories and I knew I had to make a chance. I wanted to lose weight but hated giving up my favourite thing, potatoes. I started looking for a replacement for mash and found that I also love coliflour mash. There will always be a healthier option if you look for it.  Most meet has zero carbohydrates and I was very happy as I love all meet. If you don’t eat meat there are many low carb choices as well. Like I said earlier we live in the information age so find options that work for you. I will mention some foods we eat to hopefully make your weight loss journey a little easier. Watermelon has some of the lowest carbohydrates packing only 7.55 per 100 grams of fruit.  Some other very low carb fruits are Strawberries, Cantaloupe,  Avocado,Honeydew and Peaches. Yum, right?

Some great vegetables are cucumbers and I don’t know about you but I love to snack on them with some salt. Lettuce is great with any salad and very low in carbs. Celery is also a versatile veg with a very low carb content so definitely worth including in your diet.  For a very low carb breakfast add white mushrooms to your scrambled eggs. Not only is this a low carb breakfast but it is delicious. If you a bread lover also ad some rye toast to satisfy that bread craving. Rie bread is much healthier and keeps you full for longer. I am not sure who of you knows this but fruit salad pairs very well with meat. Spinach is also very low in carbs so load them up in your salads and pair them with chicken breast. Always be careful of store-bought sauces that you don’t make yourself, most things are full of sugars. There are many foods that are low in carbs so if you serious about losing weight this is definitely something to research.

Low-carb dieting can still be interesting, and a diet that reduces carb intake does not have to mean that your meals only consist of protein, all the time. Add some of these fruits and vegetables to make your plate more interesting and your nutrition more complete.

Experiment with meal plans until you find the fit for you. It is not going to be easy but can definitely be done. Once you get used to healthy eating you will never look back. What most people don’t understand about take away foods is that they are very addictive and once your cleansed your system from these horrible foods you won’t miss them. In conclusion, your body wants to be healthy and being overweight is not only bad for your general health it’s also bad for your emotional health. So I challenge you to live a healthier better you. The simple fact is nothing worthwhile is easy but figure out a system that will work for you and stick to it. Healthy eating is the first step to your thinner happier you.


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