Cinderella solution Review

Cinderella solution Review

I must say I was intrigued by the name of the book and it sounded like a change of life was about to happen. I wanted to see what this program is all about. This is a simple food preparing method that removes the need to constantly calorie count. The program lasts for 28 days and it is designed in two phases of 14 days each. They are called the Ignite and Launch phases.

Why did we review the Cinderella diet ?

The program can be repeated as many times as you like until you have achieved your desired body weight.  They included some workouts which is totally optional and consists of 8 to 20 minute gentle movement sequences design to boost the female metabolism. The exercise is very subtle and not high intensity workouts.  You won’t need to go anywhere as these simple exercises and be done at home and with no fancy exercise equipment.

The diet plans and the exercises are aimed at restoring important hormones in the system so they function like when you were younger. The Cinderella solution was created by woman for woman without distinction of age from late 20’s all the way up to 60’s and mature age. The mix and match food paring of this system is the trick and has been tried and tested.  I do think most of us are over the robot like diet plans and don’t have time to count every calorie or have time for difficult meal plans.

Who Created the Cinderella Solution Diet?

The Cinderella solution started with an observation made by Carly Donovan that was completely at wits end with her weight.  She noticed that percentages of overweight people are low even though they drink wine and eat carbs in certain countries. In countries like Spain or Japan where they eat fats and carbs and drink wine they have low body weight percentages and longevity. The reason for it is the way these countries eat and combine their food

What makes the Cinderella diet so special ?

The trick is to eat the correct calories and still have safty and satisfaction. It’s all about combinations and food pairings. The correct way of pairing foods will increase the feeling of satiety. You will feel fuller a lot longer if your foods are paired correctly and it turn you have less cravings and you are less inclined to binge later. Some combinations is as simple as green tea and mint, salmon and asparagus, ricotta cheese and berries, apples and chocolate and Fish and garlic which i have discussed in my super foods blog post. 

how does the Cinderella diet so special work?

As mentioned earlier the diet is broken up in two phases which is the ignite and launch phases. Each phase are 14 days and can be used as many times as you like until you have reached your  goal weight. The two phase’s works slightly different

The Ignite Phase

During the Ignite phase you are supposed to eat 3 meals a day and then during the launch phase you will be eating four meals a day. Both of the phases include 14 different meal plans for  for each day of the phase.  The beauty is no guessing what to cook and the recipe’s spice up your standard meals.

Another benefit is that the workout videos are supported by a 50-video tutorials in an  online library that’s accessible from anywhere, where you have internet and is as simple as accessing them on your smart phone. You can also download the manuals so you don’t have to constantly stream. Workouts are easy and you don’t need a gym membership.  The exercise sessions typically last between 8 and 20 minutes and they are very mild and if you feel like you want to do longer sessions you may.

What do I get with the Cinderella Solution?

The Cinderella solution is a 76 page manual with information on weight loss and hormones and detailed information on the female metabolism. Included you will also find a comprehensive list of foods and ways to pair them. Also included us a 17 page quick start guide to help you to implement the system correctly without studying all the theory.

You will also receive a 56 page in depth report about the main reasons for weight gain in woman. The book explains insulin, cortisol and estrogen hormones  as life style changes that you need to make to achieve permanent fat loss. The key here is to makes changes that is sustainable and keep you from gaining back the old weight.

Another bonus in the program is the movement sequencing guide. This guide is the optional part of the program. It is a 30-page manual with exercises and the best part is it comes complete with video tutorials. Gone are the expensive gym memberships and the machines that are so expensive.  I love that there are no gimmicks and tricks everything is straight forward and to the point.  Also included is a 98 page manual on food and nutritional worth.

It’s important to understand food how and when to eat them and that is what was so eye opening about this program. Once again this program is just proof that great food is also tasty and nutritious.

The Cinderella solution is a simple solution to fat loss for woman with a clear step by step guide on how to use foods and exercise to successfully lose weight and keep it off.


No more calorie counting and painful diets just good foods combined to be beneficial to your health.


Who is the creator of the Cinderella Solution ?

The creator Carly Donovan got extremely sick and was rushed to hospital.  She was overweight and extremely unhappy with her weight. It was the first time in a very long time that she had mustered the courage to weight herself. She has realised that she was 84 pounds heavier than the last time she was weighed. She went through a very dark time and experienced anxiety, shame and hopelessness. She often saw her husband looking at other woman like he use to look at her and she was desperate to get back on track and her life and love life back together. She was desperate and tried almost every diet and exercised for hours on end.  The day she weighed herself she realised her efforts was in vain. She had not realised the weight caused a life jeopardising sequence doctors now call the “ticking time bomb” of the female metabolism. They discovered the Female – only fault line triggered in your early 20’s that hardwires the body to crave weight gain for the next 30 years of your life. What is even worse and surprisingly no one ever talks about how the condition quietly needles away at your immune system and it cripples your ability to fight off disease or keep your figure.

This is why Carly could barely feel her body imploding inwards on itself until it was too late.  Carly was now 209 pounds and she had to be rushed to hospital. That was not the end for her journey but the beginning of a journey that led to the discovery of this must have program.

This program is specifically design for the female metabolism and a must have to lose that unwanted fat and it’s simply as easy as food pairing.

Does the Cinderella diet focus on healthy eating ?

I love a program that considers health and healthy eating is at the top of their priority list.  If you are focused and ready to change your life the Cinderella solution is definitely for you. The thing about excess weight is that you don’t feel healthy and your self-confidence suffers making every other part of life suffer as well.  The truth is that billions are spent by people who are desperate for help every year and very few people give you sustainable advice that does not cost an arm and a leg. At last we have someone that gives real sustainable advice that can be followed and implemented without too much effort.

What we see with most products is fitness models and unrealistic television advertisements that feature models and quickly we are confused about people’s results if we don’t have the same and that is very demotivating. I found that the Cinderella solution does just that it changes how we view food and exercise completely and gives us advice on something that really works. I have mentioned this in some of my other articles but it seems that everyone that is in shape with an internet connection seems to be a guru these days.  I did not want to become part of that industry where people are used for money I wanted to know about sustainable solutions that can be followed with success.

Real sustainable success from Carly Donovan

It is easy to find out who the creator of this program are and it is amazing to see her total body transformation.  Carly is a normal woman that like many had to fight the battle of being overweight until it got so bad that she nearly died.

She is a woman that walked the walk and now she can actually and believably talk the talk. She has made it her mission to help people accomplish what she has. This is her story something she had to live through and experience first-hand.  I love when someone actually went through what they are preaching about not only does it make it much more believable it also gives us a believable goal that can and has been accomplished.

Carly is living her Cinderella story and wants to change woman’s lives like hers has been changed.  There are hundreds if not thousands weight loss fads out there but what we must always keep in mind is they simply want our money or is this really about our personal success and help. The way the program works is proper food paring that that cause a fat-torching domino-effect buried deep inside even the most shattered metabolism.

Carly is the ultimate success story and that is why she created the Cinderella solution so everyone can have this amazing program and change their lives. In the first week she lost 7 pounds and in the second week she lost 6 pounds and in the third week amazingly she lost 7 pounds.  She lost 20 pounds in fat and the first 20 days. The program is based on 160 year old flavour pairing ritual designed by the planets slimmest long-living disease-resistant country and it will transform the female body into a fat burning machine that will just burn more and more fat as you go along.

Not only does your body burn more and more fat but also start to develop a weight gain defence system making it almost impossible for the fat to wickedly reappear.  Carly’s success story is truly inspirational and she went from a whopping 42 inches down to a 26.

The Vehicle of Weight Loss

Our bodies are a vehicle that can be pleasure or be a disaster depending on what is put into it and sometimes for woman even by trying everything there is no improvement as the hormones that responsible for weight loss has become locked and lies dormant. The solution is simply to wake them up but people do not know how and that is what we are taught with the Cinderella solution.

There are thousands of woman all over the world that struggle with exactly the same problem and the Cinderella solutions is the information that all of them needs.

The Cinderella solution is biologically guaranteed to work for woman between 20 and 65 and is proven safe because it is the cornerstone of losing weight and longevity. The program is based on the eating habits of the world’s healthiest country for almost two decades for two centuries.  Unfortunately the secret to eating this way is closely guarded by this nations gate keepers and it wasn’t until a few highly- respected doctors and government officials broke their code of silence that Carly was able to reclaim her body and her energy.

After many years of being in the dark Carly has changed her life and enthusiastically shares her success story and has real empathy for the thousands of woman that is still as lost as she was. She wants to empower educate and best of all inspire woman to live a better healthier life and brake the shackles of weight gain that haunts most woman.

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