Flat Belly Fix Review: Can you really trust Todd Lamb?
Can we trust the Flat belly fix diet

Flat Belly Fix Review: Can you really trust Todd Lamb?

Are you looking for an effective fat burning system? Are u still unsure about the Flat Belly fix diet? well, you are in luck, we have conducted the most comprehensive, and honest review of the Fat Belly Fix. We wanted to know how this product compares to others in the market and if it’s worth your time and money.

The Fat Belly fix diet is a workout and exercise programme was inspired by Todd Lamb’s wife after a terrible accident left her in pain, frustrated and weak. The book is a downloadable eBook along with tons of coaching videos which are updated weekly. The diet claims to be the most innovative weight loss methods.

The programme is an innovative mix of the following popular weight loss methods:

  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Weight Training
  • Mental and Motivation and
  • Diet and food preparation (Including the use of capsicum)
  • Much more,

The programme is structured so well that it makes it easy to lose 10 Kg ( 24 Pounds in 3 weeks) if you follow all the instructions.

Who is Todd Lamb?

Tod Lamb is a bit of a super-star in the weight loss and fitness community. He is a former member of SWAT whose experience on the Job prompted him to investigate the power of spices and peppers to assist in weight loss. After Tara Lamb’s accident, she struggled to recover from her injuries and was told by doctors that her raising weight put her at increased risk for diabetes, heart disease other other obesity-related injuries. Tom and Tara had tried every diet under the sun until one-day Tom was inspired by a SWAT assignment where he realised that pepper spray causes metabolic effects such as increasing the body’s temperature thus causing weight loss.

Todd started researching foods that contain calcium and was shocked that the only household spice containing the super ingredient is cayenne pepper, which is, almost too chilli for the normal people to eat.

What is the science behind the Flat belly fit?

The effects of capsaicin have gain popularity from celebrities like Beyonce . Capsian is a chilli pepper that can be consumed or applied topically to relieve nerve pain. Chilli pepper has more than 200 active constituents. Studies have found that consuming foods that are high in Capsian lead to a reduced occurrence of obesity. The study was conducted on obese subjects with the following being discovered. The subject in the study were able to decrease their weight by 0.9 Kg when the substance was added to their diets.

There are many sources on the internet that discuss the weight loss effect of Capsian in your diet so you can tell that the system is backed by science.

What to expect from the Flat Belly Fix ?

The flat belly fix is a combination of several weight loss techniques, The weight loss programme is structured in such a way that it gives the user flexibility by giving the user suggestions to add to their existing diets. The programme is a comprehensive diet and exercise programme that is easy to follow. The membership area is updated with new weekly videos which really help keep you motivated in your weight loss journey. The programme contains a large collection of weight loss hacks that have helped the thousands of people lose an average of 10 to 25 pounds by either adding a few hacks to their daily programmes or following the programme step by step.

The programme contains the following :

  • A comprehensive step-by-step eating and diet plan
  • A list of products containing Capsian, where you can buy them . and how to cook them
  • A list of bedtime routines that, when added to your routine, can really increase the amount of belly fat burned while you sleep
  • A recipe book that is made specifically for women called the estrogen balancing elixir which helps women control hormone imbalances that impede on her ability to lose weight
  • 3-minute belly blasting exercises that are based on HITT to help you sweat off that unwanted belly fat.

The flat belly fix surprised us as the methods contained in the book work well when combined with good eating and exercise. The programme is backed by science meaning that there is TONs of useful information about :

  • Insulin resistance including what happens to your body when you are stressed.
  • Leptin sensitivity and how this hormone can be your best friend or enemy
  • Intermittent fasting and how to incorporate this into your lifestyle.
  • Depression and how exercise can help with depression
  • Cooking for weight loss including the spices and ingredients for weight loss

The programme is particularly easy to implement in your day to day and doesn’t require a complete change in lifestyle. We started by following the weight loss hacks in the programme such adding the magic tea to your breakfast

What we didn’t like about the flat belly fix.

The upsells are a bit irritating when you purchase the programme. The upsells look like they could be useful but would cost you almost 100 dollars more.
The programme doesn’t address how much exercise the user should be doing in order to get good results, they provide a lot of weight loss videos but don’t tell the user how much of this and that to do.

We would recommend that a few small guides are added to assist the user with : 

  1. High-intensity interval training 
  2. Weight Lifting 
  3. Crossfit and 
  4. Circuit training 
 It’s also important to note that some of the foods in the diet are not for everyone’s taste, the creators of the programme could specify that these foods are for people that like spicy foods etc. 


Would we recommend the Flat Belly Fit programme?

We would honestly recommend the Flat Belly Fix as a weight loss and diet programme because it makes the whole process easy . Most of the food and beverages in the diet are truly delicious and the customer support is incredible . Many users have lost tons and tons of weight using the programme therefore we can recommended this product .

What if the programme doesn’t work for me?

The programme carries a 60 day no questions asked guarantee and can be returned for a full refund within the first 60 days so you can try the programme for 60 days risk-free. 

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Flat Belly Fix By Todd Lamb

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