Gear Fit 2 Pro Review
A review of the gear fit 2 pro

Gear Fit 2 Pro Review

First Impressions of the Samsung Gear Fit pro 2

Upon opening the box for the first time The Watch is Housed in a beautiful black Samsung box with thin mesh black material that encloses the charger the box has nothing else as you can see doesn’t have a plug for the charger.

The languages on the Gear watch

The watch  is multilingual and features English amongst other languages apart set up so you can set up your watched your having a variety of different languages here is metres try and giving you a demonstration of setting up the white with his different languages

The Languages on the gear fit pro 3

Set up of the Gear Fit pro 2

Syncing and  setting up with your phone is very very easy and there is an easy prompt screen that is available when you download the Samsung Gear app which makes syncing it a breeze I don’t have any thinking is use it connected the phone via Bluetooth and make sure Your Bluetooth is on and just follow the prompts on your gear app .

Set up of the gear fit pro 2



Gear Fit 2 Pro features

The Gear Fit 2 has features such as Gear Fit 2 swim tracking, Gear Fit 2 fitness tracker, and many other beautifully designed apps that will help you achieve your fitness goals.

Gear Fit 2 Pro swim tracking

Take the plunge with the Samsung gear fit pro, with the new swim tracking feature you can take advantage of the watches’ water-resistance. The Samsung gear pro is completely digital and has an impressive battery life, it also summaries all the daily stats you need so this is the perfect companion for people who are occasional swimmers or avid swimmers who no longer have to worry about water damage because of the class-leading water resistance. Gone are the days where you had to remove your watch to get in the pool or bath.

Samsung Gear Fit 2 as a competitor

Samsung is really devoted to raise its status as a competitor in the smartwatch and fitness tracking space. The Samsung gear Fit 2 pro is no different it features a way to help users with motivation in 4 unique ways :

  1. It uses UA record , UA record is one of the worlds only 24 hour connected health trackers that can track all the important fitness metrics such as :
    1. The amount of exercise
    2. The hours slept each night ( and how good the sleep was)
    3. Activity ( walking and other light activities )
    4. And eating and diet
  2. Map My Run
    1. My my run is from the developers of MyFitnessPal it uses MyFitnesspal to connect you to a community of people that love to run , the blogs are fun and interactive and users of this app stay motivated as the community aspect keeps them motivated
  3. My Fitness pal :
    1. MyFitnessPal
      1. My fitness pal has taken the world by storm as one of the authorities in the fitness app market. The app features :
        1. Food tracking using a barcode scanner
        2. Weekly Blogs on weight loss and fitness
        3. The world’s largest database of foods with over 5000000 foods with 100s more being added every day
  4. Endermondo
    1. The endomondo fitness tracking system has a unique was of delivering content and is one of the world greatest fitness tracking apps

*Please note that the use of  MyFitnessPal in the Gear Fit Pro 2 May Vary by country to country.

If you live in the country outside of the US

How will my gear fit 2 pro look ?

you may notice that your Gear Fit 2 strap is slightly different to the US strap this because  release times of the Gear Fit 2 Pro in both regions (US AND NON-US).you may notice in some regions that you have a watch with a strap it and then other reasons that you gonna wash that clips in at the end of the day you get in the same product and the hardware  is identical.

Does the gear fit pro 2 support samsung health ?

Gear Fit 2 Pro is a great way to make every single move in your day count if you are slightly active during the day or very active it will help you with your tennis basketball or even a dancer to track all the calories that you’re burning and your activity levels throughout the day and also measures your heart rate continuously throughout the day indicating how to help you make better decisions about your health and your well-being .

the watch will encourage you to complete your workouts  and it features Samsung health ;if you haven’t heard about Samsung health is samsung’s native fitness tracking app the assists the user track his/her fitness goals with tons of great interactive workouts to boot.

Does the watch work without a smartphone ?


Gone are the days when you needed to take you when working-out ;with the gear fit2 Pro you can track your location and listen to music even without having your cell phone with you .

The Gear Fit 2 has cutting edge built in GPS technology that tracks we were in you ran for that day .Google play and spotify for all your music needs and many other features that make staying active so enjoyable .

I have really large wrists will the gear fit pro 2 fit me ?

I got the option of three different fits with this watch The Gear Fit Pro 2 is dedicated to having the watch as secure for physical activity so there are 2 sizes available  including the small band which is approximately 125 to 165 mm inside and the Large Band which is considerably larger at 158 to 205 mm .

Can I customise the look of the Gear Fit Pro2 ?

The watch features the most beautiful and unique Watch faces that I’ve ever seen .

I’ve had a  I had a Samsung watch before the gear pro 2 which was also beautiful watch but I was very surprised with the upgrade and Samsung’s dedication to improving their technology and infrastructure .The Samsung Gear Pro 2 features 3000 Watch faces with customisations such as colours, steps , coffee intake all available at a glance with samsung’s watch faces .

If you’re still unsure about this watch you be pleased to know that you can go to the Samsung website and check out all the different features and Watch faces .

So how many colours does the watch come in ?

I personally got the sleek black watch the watch is also available in red and black.

Would I recommend the Samsung Gear Fit Pro 2 to a friend?

I really love all the Samsung products and am have all these Samsung products :

The Galaxy S9+

The Gear Pro 2 

Samsung Tab

How does the pricing of the Gear Fit Pro 2 compare to other watches ?

The gear fit pro 2 is a mid-range in pricing as there are many other watches such as the apple watch and samsung gear 3 which are a lot more expensive ; and cheaper smartwatches that are much cheaper .

Overall I think the price of the gear fit pro 2 is great considering that you getting technology that is on par with last years’ more expensive Gear 2

The watch currently retails for about $250 usd .

How is the Samsung gear Fit pro 2’s Battery?

The Samsung gear fit pro 2 has a 200 mAh battery. I am not a very heavy user of the watch and would regularly get home with more that 70% of the battery left. The watches’ battery can last a normal user up to 3 days. I love all the small improvements that Samsung is making to its batteries and the watches’ battery life . The software of the watch has been improved so that the watch doesn’t light up or become active with involuntary movements.

Will the Gear Fit pro 2 work on any watch?

The Samsung Gear Fit Pro 2 will work and sync with both Android and IOS operating systems.

Will I be able to monitor my heart rate?

The Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro has a built in heart rate sensor .

The Verdict

The gear fit pro 2 is a perfect addition to my collection of products and I am loving all the interaction with friends at less than $300 this watch delivers world-class fitness tracking for a fraction of the cost. I would recommend the watch to anybody that is looking for a digital smartwatch and doesn’t want to spend upwards of $500 USD .

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Gear Fit 2 Pro

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