Intermittent fasting health benefits
Intermittent fasting has many benefits . Read all about them in our blog today .

Intermittent fasting health benefits

Fast your way to a Healthier You

I have always known about fasting as when I was growing up my mother use to fast at least one day a week. I never paid much attention to it and once asked her why she does not eat that day she simply said we all need a fasting day but didn’t explain. Being a bit of a chubby child that answer was sufficient and I did not want to know more. Not eating a whole day. Not me!!! As I grew up I got even chubbier but always wondered what the intermittent fasting benefis would be . 

You will tolerate what you can handle

I say this because while you can stand a problem you will tolerate it. Later when I was about 15 years old I could not stand being chubby anymore so I decided to start losing weight and got very interested in weight loss and fasting. Over the years I have done research and have realised how healthy fasting is. There are still people that are against it but I can testify to how wonderful intermittent fasting is.

Fasting facts to keep your weight in check

I have become so accustomed to fasting that I simply can’t without it. I feel sluggish lazy and for lack of another word overweight when I do eat all week. Our bodies simply need a break. So I want to look in detail how intermittent fasting will help us on a day to day basis and what happens in our bodies.

Fast For health

Coconut oil is a fantastic oil that can be added to many meals for taste and flavor

One thing that I feel quite strongly about is that our bodies should have a break from food. Our bodies need to cleanse and detox and need internal healing. A proven fact is that intermittent fasting promotes HGH(Human Growth Hormone). As you age your levels of human growth hormone decline. What most people do is look too unnatural things to take like some people if have heard to be taking testosterone which has side effects of its own. We would rather want to boost the human growth hormones that we already have and keep it high. The best way to do this is intermittent fasting.
By simply working out on an empty stomach you multiply HGH tremendously in some cases as much as 1000%. A great way to stay younger longer is to combine it with weight training. That is just HGH but it does not stop there. Let’s look at anti-ageing.

Fast yourself young

Intermittent fasting is simply breaking up our meals and meal times as we eat more as our ancestors eat. They really ate when they were hungry and had no set meal times. They were not like us eating 3 meals a day at specific times. Intermittent fasting prevents ageing because of how it balances out cortisone, human growth hormone, insulin and other hormones that affect ageing

Performance made possible by intermittent fasting

Sports performance will dramatically improve when you are on intermittent fasting. Once again a lot of this has to do with human growth hormones. The best athletes are faster and stronger and stronger has to do with human growth hormone.
This is your own natural steroids to boost and you don’t need all the unhealthy ad on so many people to use. Weight lifting or high-intensity training coupled with intermittent fasting is actually all your body needs. So what else can we expect from intermittent fasting let’s look a bit deeper?

Insulin Problems fasted away

What a lot of people don’t realise is that insulin has a lot to do with weight gain and other hormones being balanced in the body like progesterone and estrogen. Often times what happens is when insulin stays in balance progesterone get’s low and estrogen gets high that can lead to issues like infertility in women and even lead to PCOS(poly cystic ovarian syndrome), severe PMS symptoms and a number of hormonal health conditions are related to insulin imbalance.

Your energy levels all day should be balanced and not fluctuate too much. Your energy should remain high throughout the day. A lot of people just eat a carby breakfast which your body can deal with because you slept and fasted for a number of hours but then a few hours later they have a carbi lunch. So it’s not surprising that a few hours later you feel like taking a nap.  This is typically what happens when you have insulin levels that are not balanced.  Ideally what you do is you miss breakfast and eat a diet that’s high in protein, fibre and healthy fats and other antioxidants.

As you noticed I did not mention carbs in there. If you want to keep insulin levels balanced do intermittent fasting and follow a diet that has protein, fibre, healthy fat and antioxidants in it and that is what will keep you energised all day long. It will also normalise insulin sensitivity. 

What else can we regulate??

Ghrelin Level regulation: Ghrelin is your bodies hunger hormones. I am sure you all have experienced being extremely hungry and famishes and your body is saying I desperately need food. When you start intermittent fasting you might experience this for about 3 days but that will start going away when you do intermittent fasting correctly and start eating foods that are high in fat, protein and fibre. So a typical breakfast at 12:00 would be a smoothie (Bone broth protein and coconut milk with a seed and some berries). Later around 15:00 you can do a very large salad with chicken breast and dinner some lean meat healthy fat like avocado and that is what we should all aim at eating in a typical day. Eating these meals at this times will help you balance out the hunger hormones. Another hormone called lepton is released by your fat cells and is really what tells your brain you need to burn or store fat. Intermittent fasting will also help to balance this hormone out.

Lower Triglycerides

For very long there has been the debate between the medical community and the natural health community, the medical community says that cholesterol is what causes heart disease. Its actually high LDL cholesterol and low HDL cholesterol. something to really watch out for when it comes to your heart health overall is triglycerides. When those get high you stand the chance of developing blocked arteries and you stand the risk of heart attack and stroke. What you need to aim for is to balance out the triglycerides. You can lower triglycerides by consuming a lot of herbs, things like cinnamon, ginger and turmeric and by doing intermittent fasting

Why do detox? Well, do you always leave things dirty????


In my opinion,this is one of the greatest benefits of intermittent fasting.  SO let’s say you eat first thing in the morning and maybe have a snack at like 8 am your body is not really resting is it?So let’s say you eat at 12 you are giving yourself that extra hours for yourliver to detox. For your colon to cleanse. For your lungs to filter. For yourkidneys to balance out these fluids in your system. This will give your bodytime to heal. Foods don’t heal you your body does this itself. Your liver willdetox so all the foods that they recommend supports your liver none of themactually heal you. 

The best thing you can do for yourself is fasting and letting your body naturally detoxify. Fasting has been in practice for thousands of years it’s referenced throughout the Bible. People have been fasting for spirituality and for health and it is referenced in Chinese medicine and numerous others so we know how important it is.

We know that there are many benefits of which one of the most important will always be giving the body it’s time to heal.

Wait what . ..  weight loss?

Among all of the positives, weight is one and is it not marvellousthat you can get healthy and lose weight at the same time. With intermittent fasting,you will have the benefit of killing your hunger hormones, balancing outinsulin levels, having more anty ageing hormones, detoxification and all ofthese things promotes weight loss.  Whenpeople eat closer time-wise to another they tend to eat less and eat lesscalories and that also supports weight loss in a major way

Can I

This question comes up quite often where people wants to know who can do it? Anyone that wants the above mentioned benefits. If you’re a person that wants to loose weight, a person that wants to balance insulin levels, wan’t to balance hormones, want to age slower even if you are like me and want to get rid of brain fog or you want to detox then intermittend fasting is for you.  So who should not do it?

I would not recommend it to pregnant woman and if you suffer from diabetes you would be wise to work with a GP on this.

How Exactly to do it?

You want to eat your first meal around noon to 13:00 and your last meal around 17:00 to 18:00 because you want a 6-hour window of when you can eat and the rest of the day you don’t eat but you can drink plenty of water. Ideally what you want to do is not eat within these times. Remember just the beginning will be hard, you will adapt quickly. When you do intermittent fasting make sure to eat lots of healthy fat, protein, fibre and lots of nutrients and herbs. For example, using turmeric with your chicken or using lots of basil or rosemary. Remember you don’t want to damage your weight loss by eating badly again.

Something that you absolutely want to do is eating a lot of vegetables. There is really nothing complex about intermittent fasting and results has been proven over and over and you will see results within the first week of being on this diet. It sounds difficult but after a few days, you won’t even get hungry in the morning anymore. Once you have adapted to this type of eating you won’t look back and you will realise that food is medicine and should be seen as such.

Exercise tripled with a few simple hacks

Like everything, there are ways to optimise. This is the same with intermittent fasting and here are some tricks, if you are a fitness fundie you are going to love this bit. You want to break you’re fast and still keep your insulin levels low. So when breaking your fast stick to one ingredient wholesome foods and stay away from sweets and junk food.  Don’t overindulge in dairy or carbs when you break your fast simply by doing this you are already miles ahead of other people.

Break your fast with a large serving of vegetables to take the edge off off your hunger and then move on to your protein and your fat sources and if you are still hungry which I doubt, eat some antioxidants and some carbs.  Another great trick to keep in mind try and avoid starch and carbs to maximize weight loss. I have written an article about the Keto diet so combining it with intermittent fasting will give you maximum results.

Another great idea to increase your results is to extend your fasting times ones you got used to the fasting state. Like with everything your body needs to be taught to fast. You want to extend your fast to 24 to 48 hours at any given time.

You can maximize your fast and your fat burning by fasted training. Many studies have shown that this is majorly beneficial for your body in many ways. Don’t just take my word for it do some research and see how great this is for you.

The last way to speed up fat loss with intermittent fasting is to lift heavy weights. Weights that challenge your muscles and bring them close to failure to deplete your glycogen stores. When glycogen is depleted your body will try to get other sources of energy like your fat stores.


Intermittend fasting is a great healthy way to improve your over all health and burn fat!

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