Intermittent fasting meals
Fast two to three times a week for best results

Intermittent fasting meals

When you fast your relationship with food changes and you respect it more. Your system needs to be taught to fast.  Once you get used to fasting you won’t be able to live without it. So what do we eat on our normal days? here are a few Intermittent fasting meals to help you with your journey,

The trick is not to overeat and cancel out the good that’s been done on the fasting day and to look after your body. Your health is key here and you will find that having a meal plan makes a world of difference. Decide beforehand what you want to eat and stick to it.

It’s important to research foods that are healthy before we eat the bad without even realising it.

So let’s look at some healthy foods and some food that’s filling and satisfying.

Food for thought

Please remember that we are South-African so here and there, there might be a difference in recipes. I will give you the typical ingredients that we use.

Chicken Salad

Chicken breast has always been a great love of mine. Its high in protein and very low in fat and overall a very healthy lean protein.  This is actually so easy to make it will literally take a few minutes and is delicious. It will all depends on how you marinate the chicken for the overall taste of this dish. It is best not to cook the chicken from frozen as it will be extremely dry. So step one is defrost your chicken(works with Turkey as well)

Any method can be used to cook the chicken I will for this purpose do a method that works well for me. I normally make a blue cheese sauce mixed with a little bit of soda to make the chicken breast tender. It’s simply a little-melted cheese that I boil in a little water to make a broth. I let the chicken stand overnight so it can absorb the flavours.  When I cook the chicken I fry it normally for about 10 minutes depending on thickness and size.

After the chicken has been fried and I let it sit for a few minutes and slice. There are many ways to make this salad and basically, it’s up to you but I would recommend the following. One tomato, Slice of onion, a few lettuce leaves and half an avocado and mix. Remember we try to eat healthily and lose weight so don’t overdo it on the chicken.

As mentioned before get my fitness pal as the calories can be measured. Calorie counting is key here as you don’t want to ruin the great fasting day you have just had.

Salad heaven

There are many delicious salads and they are very healthy I saw a post on Instagram really which explains our food system and the problem that exist in the market.This is a worldwide problem. The post I saw was a picture of someone showing a burger for 1 dollar and a salad for 12 dollars at the same fast food restaurant.  Good food is not cheap and in my mind, it should be the cheapest option to eat well and healthy. So fast food chains are not gonna make us thin and they are not cheap if you want to eat healthily. So make your salads at home so you can take them to go.

Salads are great for you but can also be fattening if you make the wrong ingredient choices. Leafy salads is always an option for healthy eating and because they are so low in calories you can eat more. I have spoken to someone a while ago about not losing weight. She was fasting and mostly enjoying salads. I was simply not believing it and asked her if she could write down in detail what she eats. It was painstaking work but she did it because she was desperate and struggling.

When I read her notes I immediately spotted problems. Firstly be careful of sauces especially when you don’t know what’s in them. This lady used salad dressings and never cared to read what calories she is actually consuming. This is a common mistake that we need to be mindful of. Also, check what you eat not all ingredients are low in carbs. A second mistake is what she drank. Be careful of what you drink as you can easily drink 1000 calories in one cool drink.

Most packaging are clear on the calories so make sure you read as most foods are specifically marked as for what they contain. Always a great idea to make sure that you do a meal prep.

Meal Prep

I know a lot of people that prep their meals one week in advance and I do this normally on a Sunday. It takes the worry out of my weak and I know I will eat better and make better food decisions. I sometimes also eat when I am not very hungry as this is when you make terrible food decisions and you eat badly. You are very hungry and dieting in this state of mind is a no-no. So eat when you are not yet hungry. I know all of this seem a bit much but remember we have a goal here and nothing good has ever come easy.

Best foods to eat

I hope that I can am getting the point across .it is so important what we eat. Sometimes a small quantity of the wrong food can be so terrible for you. So let’s look at foods that extremely low in calories.

Fish are a low-calories,healthy protein and there are so many meals that you can make with fish. Kiwi is a very low-calorie food and known as a super-food as it contains almost 20 vital nutrients that we need and has five times the vitamin C in one fruit than in an orange.A kiwi only holds about 42 calories and in order to get all the nutrients we need I have heard that you should also consume the skin, I am not totally sure about that but they are very healthy. Starfruit is also very delicious and healthy.

Start Fruit contains 30 calories per fruit and this fruit has an impressive list of nutrients and antioxidants. It also carries small amounts of minerals and electrolights like potassium,Phosphate and zinc and iron. Potassium is an important component in controlling heart rate and blood pressure.

Cauliflower is also a great food and can be used in so many ways. It’s a dynamic food which I love although I know that many people dislike this food. Learn to love it as 100 grams of cauliflower will only set you back about 25 calories. It also contains Isothiocyanates that can help fight your body against prostate cancer.It is also a great source of vitamin c, k and vitamin b. Cauliflower should be given a chance as on closer inspection you will notice that this wonder food can be served in so many forms.

Spinach for Health

Spinach is very low in calories and very rich in vitamin K,  calcium, phosphorous,potassium, zinc and calcium. Spinach only contains 23 Calories per 100 gram.There are many low-calorie superfoods the trick is to change your mindset so you can learn to love them.

Another food I Iove is mushrooms. I can eat these all day long and I love them so much I actually snack on them raw. 100 grams of mushrooms are about 22 Calories. You consume a whole bunch oft hem and stay completely guilt free. Some species can be high in vitamin B and this food is a rich source of copper and potassium.  Mushrooms are low in fat, carbohydrates and salt. This great food will help with blood pressure regulation and they are a great antioxidant and enhance the immune system and reduce stress, they also assists infighting many types of cancer.


Tomatoes have always bee identified incorrectly and they are actually a fruit. They have a low 18 calories per 100 gram of food and they have many benefits. It is a good source of lifopene which helps to protect the prostate and guard against skin disease. They are very high in vitamin C and vitamin K. An added bonus from this fruit are that they are fat-free.

Chinese Cabbage

This wonderful vegetable only contains 13 calories per 100 grams. This wonderful have has many advantages and among them is a rare cancer-fighting compound. This is one of the most recommended vegetables in weight reduction programmes.  This food actually facilitates calorie burn so they are basically a zero calorie food come to think of it.

Think with Shrimp

 A dozen of shrimp will only give you about 85 Calories. This is a great low-calorie shellfish that is a great substitute for the protein in your diet. In each serving,you will have a healthy portion of selenium and vitamin D. It also contains some omega 3 fatty acids. The high levels of iron in the shrimp also help with energy and reduce weakness and fatigue in the process.


Celery is a wonderfull, versatile low calorie food and come in as the lowest calorie food on our list. Each stalk only has about 6 calories so truly one could eat yourself thin. Not only is celery extremely low in calories you loose calories while chewing celery because celery is a bulky fiberous plant that required quite a bit of chewing and actually use the bodies energy while it is being digested. Not only is it slimming celery contains fito nutrients and a lot of vitamins and minerals. It can easily be incorporated into many dishes and is a easy on the go snack.

Get Food Educated

There are so many foods that are extremely good for you but they are often overlooked as we are unfortunately not very educated about food. And most foods are unknown to us. We tend to know a lot about foods that are readily available and should educate ourselves about food. We also know food and dishes we grew up with and we should start thinking out of the box when it comes to food and we should respect food more.

Health for life

It’s important that we eat healthy, eating to lose weight is one thing but its important that we create a sustainable diet that we want to continue. We have to eat to live long and well and treat our bodies with respect. So I want to not only look at low-calorie foods but at good food that’s good for your body and that is sustainable.

So what to eat??

I recommend a kitchen scale which I purchased early when we started on our journey it is a very helpful tool.

Firstly here is a list of some low-calorie foods that are delicious:

Oranges – 47 Calories per 100 grams.

Cucumber – 16 Calories per  100 grams. They have a rich water content and that is why they are so low in calories. You will feel full for longer and your stomach does not realise that most of what you ate was water therefore keeping your calories low.

Grapefruit – This is a very low-calorie food and helps revitalize your metabolism rate. Grapefruit is exceptionally low in calories as well at 42 calories per 100 grams.

Broccoli – This is a cancer-fighting superfood and it’s loaded with phytonutrients. It’s packed with fibre and will keep you full for longer. 34 Calories per 100 grams.

Asparagus – 20 Calories per 100 grams. It has a healthy dose of fibre and keeps you full for long periods of time reducing chances of overeating.

Zucchini – 17 Calories per 100 grams. This is a great tasty food that can be included in your diet as it is very low in calories and contain a lot of water.

Kale –  49 calories per 100 grams. This incredible food contains a bunch of antioxidants, phytonutrients, minerals, vitamins, and everything needed for good health. This can be substituted for potato chips and goes very well in salads.

Tomatoes – 17 Calories per 100 grams. These are one of the healthiest foods we can eat and have long been classified incorrectly as a vegetable and is actually a fruit. It contains lycopene that helps combat cancer and heart disease.

Cauliflower – 25 Calories per 100 grams.It is included as one of the lowest ranking foods when it comes to calories but they can be cooked deliciously. Mash is also taking off now as it is so low calorie.It is loaded with Antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory benefits.

Food for thought

There are so many healthy foods out there that I don’t know why we bother with all the bad foods available in the drive-through. I will dedicate a few more articles to good food as life is too short to eat badly. 

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