Ketogenic diet
A typical assortment of Ketogenic diet vegitables

Ketogenic diet

What is the ketogenic diet?

This is a low carb high-fat diet. This diet uses the body’s fats instead of carbohydrates.  There is a great number of foods that you can eat on this diet. Personally, I love this diet as it includes most of my favourite foods. I will list you some interesting facts about this diet, what you can eat and some facts about the health benefits of the Keto diet.




Firstly let me list you some foods that you will be able to eat in this diet, I think step 1 is to decide on the food and if it would work for you. If you start a diet with foods you dislike chances are that you will not stick with the diet. It is important to also remember that a diet should become a lifestyle. I see so many people yo-yo dieting, not only do they actually harm their bodies they gain weight. So imagine how you feel when you are done with your diet and you actually gained weight.

One friend specifically is constantly dieting but every time she completes a diet she gained weight. I can’t image how terrible it must be for her to gain weight on a diet but I understand it completely. She starts and tries all different diets without researching what the diet entails. For me, this diet works as I like the food groups and what the specifications of the diet required.




Some of the foods are Fish and shellfish, I love this food but I know some people might be allergic. There are other options available though and here are a few, Low carb vegetables, Avocados, Eggs, plain Yogurt and Meat and Poultry.

This is a typical dish in the keto diet. This dish specifically is one of my favourites. This dish is pretty simple to figure out and I am going to give you a quick explanation of how I make it. This meal is a fresh meal typical of the keto diet. It is wholesome delicious and healthy. Firstly I prepared the prawns by frying them in a little virgin olive oil with some garlic. The macaroni is not actually macaroni but thinly sliced cucumber. The rest are all fresh ingredients as you can see like tomatoes onion and lettuce. The avocado is delicious and gives this dish a new dimension. Foods that fall under this diet are also Nuts and seeds, berries, some vegetables, oils, meet eggs and dairy.

There are so many healthy meals out there it is up to you to see them and not be blinded by all the colourful billboards on your way home. Years ago in 2013, there were already over 23000 fast food restaurants in the USA, then we wonder why are we overweight? It is up to us to make better food decisions and teach the youth how to eat healthier.

There are food exclusions in this diet and I will mention them so you know what to look at for. Bread, Pasta, Sugar, Milk, Corn, Beans and Rice are all foods that are not allowed by this diet. Why do we want to limit or restrict our intake of carbohydrates? We want to get the body to a state which is known as ketosis. Ketosis means your body uses fat as a resource for energy instead of glucose which is in simple terms carbs.

I always make sure that you get all the facts in my articles. I am not here to sell you an idea nor I am I paid by any entity to market their products. As in all my articles, I will give you the truth meaning be assured you will get the negatives and the positives here. I am going to leave you a detailed list of pros and cons of this diet by numerous sources.



It Burns Fat: It increases your bodies ability to burn unwanted fat.

Helps with Excretion of the Ketones: This means that your body with getting rid of fat through your urine.

Protein Sparing Effect: Protein get’s absorb and used in different parts of the body.

Lower Insulin levels: A decrease in insulin levels in your system promotes lipolysis and release of free glycerol.


It may trigger fatigue or brain fog: You might experience this in the first few weeks during the metabolic shift. Your body will have more energy once it gets used to manufacturing ketones as the main source of energy. You will no longer have to experience blood sugar fluctuations.

The Blood Lipid Profile may be altered. This is concerning for people on this diet meaning that the fat fluctuates in this diet. The diet can, however, be focussed on healthy fats instead of eggs bacon and butter. Food like Avocado, nuts, fatty fish and cheese are all healthy fats.

May trigger micronutrient deficiencies: This may occur so it is highly advisable to take multivitamin supplements twice a day.  Fibre supplements should be taken for a good digestive system.

Triggers Ketoacidosis  If the level of  ketones in your blood skyrockets, ketoacidosis may occur because ketones are acidic in its nature. This means your blood pH could become lower which can can cause death..This should not be a major concern if you are not diabetic. Your blood sugar levels are always under control, and your body will only allow many ketones to be produced at one time. However, if you are diabetic, your blood sugar can go as high as 300-2000mg/dl from the normal level of 80-120. When this happens, there is low insulin to glucagon ratio which can trigger ketoacidosis.


The Ketogenic diet can be a great way to shed that unwanted pounds for some people but the diet is not for everyone. It is important that one is informed and take care when switching to a diet like this. It is advisable to check with your doctor before moving to any new diet.

The truth about Fats

There are many different types of fats, some good and some not so good. Unsaturated fats are what we consider good fats when it is taken in moderation it may lower cholesterol.  Examples of these foods are Avocado, nuts, vegetable oils such as canola and olive oils. Meat products contain saturated fats and unsaturated fats.  Foods like Salmon also contains unsaturated fats.

These are also some foods that are high in unsaturated fats:

Walnuts, Sunflower seeds, Flax seeds or flax oil. Fish, such as salmon, mackerel, herring, albacore tuna, and trout.Corn oil.Soybean oil.

I know it is very difficult to get into a new diet and know all the do’s and don’ts. I am going to draw up a meal plan for you to assist in your transition.

Let’s plan for a week and I will show you how delicious and healthy this diet can be:



Scrambled eggs with a side of Avocado.


Chicken Breast and Lettuce Wrap.


Carbless burger, Replace the bun with lettuce leaves. For a dessert have fresh or frozen fruits.









3 Boiled Eggs and Spinach.


Green Salad with bacon



Baked Salmon with Asparagus and green salad.



Bacon and Eggs(Eggs as you like)


Any salad as you like as long as it is no carbohydrates.


Steak and cauliflower mash and a green salad.



Poached Eggs with a few slices of your favourite cheese.


Cottage Cheese walnuts and some tabasco sauce.


Meatloaf with cauliflower mash.



Eggs however you like.


Tuna Salad


Any meat of your choice with Humus.



Poached Salmon and roasted cauliflower.


Bacon and Avo Salad


Any mince dish exclusive of carbohydrate



Muffins made of egg, mushroom, and bacon.


Tuna salad or equivalent.


Pork Roast and Roasted Veggies

Please keep in mind that this is simply an indication and you can change this menu to your own taste.  This diet is extremely versatile and you can make really interesting meals. I am going to add some ideas for meals here that are completely carbohydrate free.

Breakfast Muffins

Low Carb and High in protein. Two Eggs will be used per Egg muffin. Decide first how many muffins you want to make to get all ingredients together. Let’s work on 4.

Use 8 eggs and scramble them. Ad any meat(Bacon) that you prefer. Ad full-fat cheese and some onion and mushroom. Mix well and pour into muffin pan. Bake for 30 min in your oven. This is an easy meal and they are really filling. Serve with any green salad.

Another food that we did not really speak about that is very versatile and absolutely delicious is chicken. There are literally thousands of ideas to cook chicken and this tasty food are bound to fit into your diet. Chicken breast is also a great source of protein and there are so many great dishes to enjoy this food with.

I hope that my point is coming across that good food does not have to be unhealthy nor fastening. Good healthy food can also be very tasty. One should get over the mindset that good healthy food is horribly tasting. Remember you are what you eat and your body will show you what you do to it. Your skin, your hair, how you feel daily are all testament to what you eat. There are so many advantages to eating healthy that I don’t even know where to begin.

We all want to live long right, there is no point in living long if we can not live strong. Every habit we have will impact how we grow old. So we can start now with healthy living and what you eat is a major part of this.

Benefits for diabetes sufferers

The Keto diet is also beneficial to people suffering from type 2 diabetes. The way the diet does this is by allowing the body to maintain glucose levels low but healthy. The reduced amount of carbs in the diet helps to eliminate large spikes in the blood sugar, reducing the need for insulin. Diets for type 2 diabetes mostly focus on weight loss, so it might seem that a high-fat diet is ridiculous. The (keto) diet as it is known or ketogenic diet is high in fat and low in carbs and can potentially change the way your body stores energy.

As I promised earlier I don’t market any diet and I will give you the facts truthfully. There are like any diet side effects and I will list them here for you. Frequent Urination is one of them, it was explained earlier. In the beginning, you might Dizzy and Drowsy but this is only in the adaption phase. You will have low blood sugar and will experience cravings for sugar. Constipation and diaries might also be experienced so when you do experience some of these symptoms it is to be expected but health first so please consult your physician.

For those of you that have a sweet tooth don’t be too concerned there is many sweet deserts that classify keto friendly delicious desserts. There are hundreds if not more recipe’s on the web and I am sure you will find numerous satisfying. Remember the Keto diet does not say no carbs but says very low carbs and I am sure with a little bit of research you ll find exactly what you were hoping for. I hope that you found this helpful and may you enjoy your new diet and feeling light, happy and healthy!!!

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