Lost Book of Remedies Review

Lost Book of Remedies Review

The lost book of remedies

I was delighted when I saw the title of this book. I have heard about it from many and I actually was looking for it. Another reason why I wanted this book is that my mother was a huge believer in the book and I did not really take any notice. Before I could actually get her copy she sadly passed away and I was more curious than ever why this book was so special to her.

What is the book all about?

What the book is, is a wonderful source of knowledge about medical plants and lost cures in North America.  This online book literally takes you on a blast to the past when chemicals and toxins did not consume every aspect of our lives. In the modern world it is almost never that we can find foods, clothing or other products that we use, that does not contain harmful chemicals and preservatives. 

Chemicals, toxins and dyes are all around us and we are exposed daily.  Illnesses, both mental and physical are at an all-time high. I find it astonishing that we are not making the connection between what we are exposed to and what we consume and the state of our health.  This book is full of knowledge and gems of natural home remedies and gets us back to basics. 

The book has almost 300 pages worth of ingredients that you can find almost anywhere and many of the ingredients are in your back yard.  Plants, herbs, trees and shrubs all have uses that have not been known or it has been known but has been forgotten. This delightful book is something we should all have. This book is full of items that is very useful and contain lots of tips and tricks. The author has given us a lot of information such as uses of backyard weeds and shrubs for instance. I was also pleasantly surprised about all the household remedies that are actually right there at home.

You will find many truths about ingredients that you knew nothing about but that’s not all. This e-book walks you through the steps of identifying different plants and how to extract them properly to maximize the benefits. It also teaches you how to grow some of these plants easily at home and how to harvest them. Plants that heal a wide range of illnesses and the recipes of how to do it are among what you will find in this book of revelations.    

Most of the remedies are as interesting as remedies for mental illness and can be as simple as a remedy for indigestion. Preventative measures are also included for many health conditions out there like high blood pressure problems and healing physical wounds.  

This book has really been so helpful.  Snake bites, bug bites and even overcoming emotional wounds are all covered in this piece of writing. Everything you could possibly think of is addressed in this amazing book. The book is life’s version of a first aid kit and for that reason alone it should be in every home, school, day-care facility and event venue. This truly is the ultimate survivalist guide. 

I make sure that whenever I am on a road trip or go on holiday that the book is handy. I downloaded the e-book to my phone so it is always handy and since I discovered the book seldom use any medicine.  I am always weary of all these products on the market we are so often confronted with but take it from me this is the book you should own even if you never purchase another book. It is simply the best peace of information I have ever laid my hands on and I use it daily.

Fact or Fiction?

The answer to this question is pretty straight forward it is fact. I think it is common knowledge that trees and plants have medical properties.  Many of us are unaware that 1 out of 4 pharmaceutical products are made from plants. The Yew (Taxus) for example is used in chemotherapeutic products.  Trees and plants has always been our main food source but we need to know which is also good as medicine and this informative book provides us with the information we need. Trees are also responsible for cleaning our air and removing C02 from the atmosphere. 

This book teaches us how to cure any disease naturally by using common plants growing in our back yards.  I was delighted when I found this book as it is about time that we use less chemicals and antibiotics and get back to basics. You will be taught how to live a healthy life and never experience chronic disease again. The lost book of remedies provides us with a list of the best anti-inflammatory plants that will help you heal wounds and get rid of pain fast and efficiently. 

The step by step instructions are very easy to follow and everything is clear and user-friendly. A few months into the great depression most Americans have run out of medication and people had to go back to basics and make use of natural remedies that they actually had forgotten for generations.  I wonder why we have become a society that has forgotten again about truths we actually knew.  

Long before there was any medicine invented people used natural remedies that they made themselves, in some parts of the world they still do. What would happen if the world runs out of medication? We need to know what natural remedies are available and we need to know more about plants and what they can be used for. We also need to know which plants we can in the wild and which are poisonous. 

Pharmaceutical companies make billions yearly on drugs that we mostly don’t need so see this book as an investment in your health and your future.  I know you will find this book as handy as I do and it is also a great gift to a loved one if you are as sentimental as I am. Something as simple as the willow tree can help with inflammation and pain when prepared correctly. 

The most important ingredient in aspirin is called salicylic acid and comes from the Latin word for willow tree or salix and our forefathers used it to preserve their canned goods from toxic bacteria.  Why not replace medicines with plants that are available in our back yards. Something as simple as backyard weeds can numb your pain like morphine and some plants can stop your bleeding in a matter of minutes.

Certain plants can lower your cholesterol and others can reverse joint damage and arthritis, and other can be as remarkable as stabilising your blood sugar levels. There are also plants that can even prevent cancer from developing in your body. Lifesaving remedies are all around us and I definitely wanted to be armed with the knowledge of knowing I don’t constantly have to take tablets.

It is also important to know which plants can be eaten and which not as we never know when a crisis will strike and knowledge truly is power. This books knowledge is not only life changing it is life saving and a must have. 

The Author

This exceptional book was created by the survivalist Claude Davis which is renowned within the survivalist and natural remedy industry.  He has published amazing stuff that focuses on living back when the world was uncomplicated. Specifically for this book all the knowledge was gained from his grandfather Dr. Davis over the years and he then combined it into this revolutionary book. 

The lost book of remedies cover health concerns, illnesses and ailments and how they can be treated successfully.  The Author’s grandfather put this remarkable book together over the course of his life and all of these recipes’ he used himself.  He grew up with Native Americans that taught him how to use plants and which should be used for which ailments. Before he was 18 hew already knew 500 edible and medicinal plants. In World War 2 there was a medicine crisis and people actually went looking for Dr. Davis for help.  He enlisted in the army not to fight but with the believe that he could save lives in Normandy where he was placed.

 At the end of the first day lots of soldiers was hurt and doctors quickly ran out of morphine. Dr. Davis had with him a powerful painkilling extract made from a plant that we consider to be a weed that could be given to the soldiers for relieve. He was always in the middle of battles as he wanted to help wounded soldiers and he would stop bleeding, disinfect wounds and ease pain. By the end of the war, every man in the 8th Infantry Division knew him as Doctor Davis. Although he was known as Doctor Davis he was never recognised as a medical doctor in America. 

Doctor Davis gathered this extensive knowledge of remedies over his lifespan and finally it is accessible to all of us. His life of research has been put into this great book and we can be thankful that all this knowledge was combined and made available to us by his grandson. Doctor Davis travelled extensively to all corners of America to research every possible now and then remedy available. 

During many crises that came across time for example Hurricane Katrina antibiotics were the first to go off the shelf and a lot of people died from common diseases that could have easily been treated with plants.  Even diseases like tuberculosis that takes long to cure and use very strong antibiotics has been cured way back when with a combination of two plants by Doctor Davis. The day doctor Davis passed away over 5000 people attended his funeral which is only a slight indication of how many people’s life’s he had impacted and he keeps on impacting us years later.

Let’s not be mistaken about this he did not have miracle cures he had real cures.

My risk

I am a very big fan of this book and the benefits are endless. Just to prove to you how committed the author are to health and wellbeing a 100% refund is available for 60 days. I must say I take my hat of that the author agrees to a full refund as it is risky for him but I know that once you start reading this book you will never ask for money back as this book actually change the way you think.

I personally love when a product are guaranteed as it just means there is no risk for me.  So what do you have to lose go ahead and get this amazing book.

Real cures

All of us had a mom or a Granma that had certain recipes and remedy’s that would tell us about and they worked right? This book can be seen as truthful as that, with the difference that Doctor Davis was a healer with hundreds of these remedies. This book is definitely worth its weight in gold if you think how knowledge just disappears.

Lots of remedies do not get given to the next generation so the knowledge gets lost. This book has kindly been shared with us and the creator has done an immaculate job of making sure never before known recipe’s and remedies has been saved forever. This knowledge is precious and it will open your eyes of how unnecessary most medications are. This book should be owned by everyone and I will never stop singing its praises. 

This book has saved countless lives in the great depression when lots of people died of disease. I use this effective tool in my house daily. This book has empowered me to live a more informed life and not to take any plant for granted. This book was left to Claud Davis by his grandfather and he shares it with us as he really understands the valuable information and so will you if you make this valuable purchase for just a fraction of the true worth.

Lost Book of Remedies Review
Lost book of remedies by Claude Davis

Change your point of view 

It is not often that I find a product that seems too good to be true. This one is just that. They say when something seems too good to be true it normally is. With this product that is not the case and it is truly amazing. It taught me a new way of looking at medicine and changed my perspective. I am truly astonished by this product but not only that I am thankful to have found this gem.

Lost Book of Remedies Review

The lost book of remedies I was delighted when I saw the title of this book. I have heard about it from many and I actually was looking for it. Another rea

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