My Cellulite Solution Review
A review of my cellulite solution

My Cellulite Solution Review

I think cellulite is just one of those things most people have. How does one get rid of cellulite? Why does it form and do only obese people struggle? The answer is No, definitely not.  Personally I have been looking for a solution, I am not overweight but have a small area on my upper leg that have a little cellulite and can’t get rid of it.

In my search I came across the “My Cellulite Solution”.

I wanted to research this program because as we all know there are so many fads these days. One is confronted with so many systems and solutions it gets quite confusing.

Cellulite is just lumpy aggregation that we see on our thighs, buttocks and other stubborn areas. Cellulite is actually more of a process that develops gradually through the puckering of the skin. This is normally observed with the layer of fat beneath the skin which starts to push against the connective tissue that is present within our arms, thighs and buttocks.  This mass then starts to build and start to display a characteristic orange-peel or cottage cheese appearance.

To heal this problem skin it should be clear, exercise alone cannot solve the problem.   Don’t get me wrong working out will reduce cellulite and can help prevent it but in order to get rid of it will require specific exercise. Cellulite occurs when connective fibres underneath the skin became weak or lose elasticity. With regular stretching exercises fat can be burnt off and having a good diet also contribute.


The exact cause of cellulite is unknown but it appears to result from interaction between connective tissue in the dermatological layer that lies below the surface of the skin and the layer of fat that is just below. What we do know as fact is that it looks terrible and none of us want it.

There are foods that would promote the appearance of cellulite of which I will name a few but when you use “the my cellulite” solution none of these foods should be concerning.  Foods such as cheese, fatty red-meat and pizza are just a few that will promote cellulite forming on the body.

If you have ever struggled with cellulite, doesn’t matter where, and you are sick and tired of it then you are at the right place and your problem would soon be where it belongs, in the past.

What does my Cellulite Solution Entail ?

What I loved is that you don’t have to spend endless hours exercising as I seldom have time for exercise or time to go to the gym.  You don’t have to avoid your favourite foods nor do you have to change your diet. A lot of the cellulite solutions out there are quite bizarre. Its homemade concoctions to smother your legs in and others are rubs and scrubs that get you nowhere.  You don’t need any fancy equipment as it is perfectly fine to just use your body weight for maximum results.

According to the American Journal of Clinical Dermatology we can observe that most woman, as much as 90% struggle with cellulite.  In order to help anyone who struggles with this the “My Cellulite Solution” has been created.  The creator is Gavin Walsh who is a fitness and Nutrition expert who has spent over 15 years helping countless people improve their body composition and their overall health levels.


There are so many rumours about the kind of foods to eat when you need to loose stubborn fat from cellulite . The Cellulite solution aims to dispel a lot of these myths .

It was originally a toning exercise manual but Gavin worked on expanding the manual to a holistic program that includes exercises that are known to reverse cellulite in record time. The “My cellulite solution” is a unique combination of specialised exercises and workout routines that has been scientifically shown to make cellulite disappear effortlessly.  The system improves smoothness of the skin and makes it dimple free in a matter of weeks.

The program has three key aspects that make it so efficient.

Slow burn:

Simple and highly effective routine that’s designed to tone muscle fibre in the core muscle sites. These exercises are known to make dimples fade away and helps obtain smooth ad healthy skin.


These exercises help to switch on dormant muscle fibres that have been inactive for a long time. The exercises help convert the cellulite into the fuel thereby optimizing results.

Fast Results: With these techniques have been shown to give you silky smooth legs without working out for extended periods of time.

“My Cellulite Solution guarantees dimple reducing performing exercises outlined in this unique system and this phase of the system is designed specifically to stimulate those long lost muscle fibres.

Velocity Phase:

Here techniques are outlined that use highly unique “sequencing methods”  that is known to destroy that “cottage cheese” skin areas.  What makes this phase so unique is that users are not expected to do strenuous workouts or change their eating habits. By using 3D movements this phase tones the muscle fibres in the buttocks, hips and thighs.


This is the final phase of the program and is designed to acclimatize our bodies with the regime so we can reach optimal benefits.  This is a simple tempo trick that has been clinically proven to remove ugly cellulite dimples.  There is also secret exercise techniques that has been mentioned in the program that allows to tone and tighten the body without sweating buckets.

The “my cellulite solution” is simply a great program that come with rave reviews and everyone I spoke to simply loves it. The system is simple to implement and works wonders. Results are seen in a few weeks and there are lots of satisfied customers.

Facts about my Cellulite solution

As anyone who ever struggled with cellulite can testify it is embarrassing and you don’t want to take of your clothes in front of anyone. Not only is it very embarrassing it is also something that is misunderstood and most of us don’t know how to deal with it or how to solve the problem.  The only thing cellulite is, is aggregated mass of fat inside the skin and as mentioned before people who are skinny may also struggle with cellulite. Cellulite has the appearance of orange peel and mostly forms in the thighs and buttocks but can form on other parts of the body as well.

It is annoying to see your once blemish free skin become comparable to cottage cheese.  Cellulite is not fussy and be present in men and woman of all age groups. A number of exercises and home remedies and some medicine has been placed on the market which is considered making the skin cellulite free but so far the results have been limited. There is messages to go for and medicine but they reduce cellulite and doesn’t completely remove them like “The My Cellulite Solution” does.

The “My Cellulite Solution” program comes with great and clear instructions and a video guide which demonstrates the exercises and advise users how to do the exercises correctly.  Most exercises only needs body weight so you won’t need any machines or those expensive gym contracts and can be done in the comfort of your own home.

The results are dramatic and as soon as 3 days in you may start seeing results.  The exercises also includes exercise that promotes overall body toning. With this program you will finally achieve that soft sexy skin that you had when you were younger.

The “My cellulite Solution” is a step by step protocol based on irrefutable scientific evidence aimed at attacking and destroying the cause of cellulite. The program provides you with  comprehensive tools to attack and brake down cellulite.

What is great about the program is that it is a digital book that is accessible from anywhere.

Does my Cellulite solution come with a guarantee

The program comes with a full money back guarantee. I am always exited when I see a money back guarantee because this just proves how confidant the creators are in their program/product. You will have 60 days to request a full refund.

The guarantee actually states:

“if the solution presented in this guide does not fulfil your expectations or you do not see or feel any improvement in your cellulite, you’ll get 100% of your money back. No questions asked and you will be able to keep both my guide “No more Cellulite system” as well as all additional bonuses.”

This just shows me that the creators truly put their money where their mouths are.

If you are tired of all the gimmicks that cost you money and really want long lasting results I would say the “my cellulite solution” is definitely for you. Cellulite as we all know is stubborn and without a reliable system like this one you will not see improvement.  Still program is widely regarded as the best program of our time and for all of us that bears the burden of stubborn cellulite.  Not only is this a great solution it is also sustainable and it’s the long term solution we have been looking for.

A huge plus is that there is no dieting required and that everything can be simply be done from the privacy of your own home. Although you will see a transformation in the appearance of the cellulite in a few days you will have optimal results in 28 days.  

What do I get my Cellulite solution?

I am a great fan of this program as it is a comprehensive program that can easily be implemented. You will receive a solid nutrition plan and easy to do exercises that you can do anywhere. As I mentioned before cellulite does not discriminate and even those of us that are in shape may have cellulite. Once the connective strands go even those that are in perfect shape might be targeted.

The problem is easier resolved with people that does not carry excessive fat in the hips, butt and thighs, which leads the author to cellulite elimination training. Unlike other anti-cellulite exercise plans the bodyweight exercise routines found in this program have a unique 3-phase approach. Firstly the program targets slow and fast twitch muscle fibres using different exercise tempos.  

The programs use 3-D movements to cover muscle groups around the hips, butt and thighs effectively. It uses unique movement sequencing to help switch on the desired muscle groups. This strategy stimulates all muscle fibres and encourage muscle growth.  Therefore reducing the distance that the connective tissue has to stretch and at the same time tightens the skin.  This means the weakened connective tissue is less likely to pull down the skin reducing lumps and bumps.

How does my cellulite solution work ?

It works with 3D motion technology that promotes lower body muscle strength. It is muscle focussed training and it is unique sequences that target specific area with tailored exercises. By simply following this three step system you will change the appearance of the skin.

Benefits of my cellulite solution

There are a lot of benefits to this system of which some are that it is safe and completely natural way of eliminating cellulite. It is easy to follow and the guide is detailed and clear. Although it’s popular believe you don’t need to diet to get rid of cellulite and because it is stubborn dieting is not going to solve your problem. All the methods has been tried and tested and this system comes with rave reviews. Another big plus is that the system is inexpensive and easy to implement.


“My cellulite solution” is an effective way to get rid of cellulite in a short period of time. It’s regarded as the best product of its kind by everyone that is familiar with the system. Cellulite is extremely stubborn and very difficult to get rid of unless you have the correct information. One point that I must emphasise is probably my favourite thing about any product and that is that it comes with a full money back guarantee. I am completely convinced that you would not want it but it does give one peace of mind. The program is relatively new but with time I am convinced this is going to be the go to solution for everyone with satellite. 

My Cellulite Solution Review

This is a good programme for the price . The programme comes with a 60 day money guarantee that you can use to change your mind . I would recommend trying this and see how it works for you.

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