Rapid Tone Weight Loss
Seafood is one of the foods in the weight loss diet .

Rapid Tone Weight Loss

As always I am going to give you some advice on rapid tone weight loss. I would like you to remember I am not a health practitioner so I can only testify what worked for me and about my experience. I can also give you some information on research done. Remember we are all different and we all have different experiences. It would be best for you to consult with your health practitioner but If you one of those risk takers like me lets get going.


Before we get to all the fun we will have with this diet let’s look at a few facts. Who designed the rapid weight loss diet. Firstly the diet was created by Brian Flatt. The brain is passionate about exercise and nutrition and created the 3-week diet. This diet seems to be trending at the moment so I decided to take an in-depth look at it and how it works. I also wanted to know is this a diet that can work for me. Brain Flatt reviewed over 500 medical studies and lots of diet books.  When I started looking into this diet I found that people have many different views on the diet, some loved it and some think it is complete bollocks. I suppose we all have our opinions so I decided to keep an open mind and really look into it.

I suppose if you looking for a quick fix or like me, you are an immediate satisfaction type of person this diet is for you. I want us to look at this diet in detail and look at the health benefits and risks that are associated with it. One person’s opinion was that this diet is best for young people with no health issues as the diet has a rigorous schedule.  This person was also concerned that this kind of rapid weight loss might do more damage than good.

On closer inspection, I was completely astonished by how the before and after pictures look and I was immediately intrigued.  The first thing I found that the diet is definitely the real deal but I wanted to know more about what exactly it entails and how effective and healthy it would be. The diet is not easy and you have to fast and exercise from time to time but I was eager to know more. A lot of diets that make you lose fast actually just make you lose water and that’s why the weight does not stay off.

This diet teaches you to burn fat and keep it off. In my research, I found someone that purchased the diet and called it nothing else but an upselling machine. As you go along the diet there are many other pop up products that are marketed. The book does have valuable information, what I did think to be overkill is the number of testimonials that they included in the material.

Personally, testimonials belong in a marketing pack, not in the diet plan that you have just purchased.  The diet boasts a 30-day free trial but after that, the charge will be 79 USD that I think personally is high.  On the website, I must say it get’s a bit annoying that there are so many other things they want to sell you. I did, however, want to know what this diet consists of and I was determined to find out for you. These are a few things that they claim happens when you are on this diet. Some people claim to have trimmed 2-4 inches off their waistlines, went down 2 to 3 sizes, developed flatter stomachs, had better energy levels and lost considerable inches of fat. They also say that they were able to adapt it into a lifestyle and that really excited me. As many negative testimonials, there were there were more positive testimonials.

Something I must say that I found extremely interesting is that they describe the reason for a lot of people’s weight gain as cellular inflammation. This can be corrected with the right foods and exercise. I must say during my research I struggled to find information on this diet, people give it great reviews but remained tight-lipped about what exactly it entails. Words that come up in testimonials are genius, guru, and Mericle diet so if I was curious before I was even determined now to get to the facts, The diet is broken up into 4 manuals that teach you how to master your unwanted fat and melt it away in a record 21 days.

The first manual teaches you how the body gains and stores your fat. The second part is the diet manual and tells you the exact superfoods you should be eating for 21 days to burn fat. There are no shakes, juices nor expensive supplements. The food is good wholesome foods that are scientifically proven to melt fat. The third book is the workout manual that shows you how to do high-intensity short exercises you should be doing at home to melt the fat away.   The final manuals are the mindset and motivation manual. This manual help you to get your mindset in a place where you can stay disciplined to stay on this diet. People testify that they wake up some mornings and would have lost as much as a kilogram.

The diet consists of a very high protein diet and lucky for me this is my favourite food. What I was really interested in are what are these superfoods that people keep on speaking about? The diet detoxifies the liver first in the first period. It then advises eating clean foods like vegetables and fruits. The liver detoxifying lasts for 7 days. On the 8 the day of the diet, they suggest fasting. This ensures that the liver is cleaned completely. The next phase is where you burn fat and they call it the fat fast phase. Day 9 – 11.  In days 9 – 11 it might be challenging as you don’t eat a lot. The next phase is called the basal metabolic rate. This means it is the estimated number of calories that your body burns if you do nothing for 24 hours.  They assist you here to calculate your BMR. They calculate the calories your body needs and help you calculate the exact number of calories you need to consume to lose weight. This very strict calorie intact continues from day 12 to 21. The 3-week diet features a scientific approach to losing weight.  This diet works for everyone and age is not a problem.  The great thing is that one see results so quick within 21 days. The diet will boost metabolism, decrease cellulite and energy levels. It improves your skin and maintains cholesterol levels.  The claims are that 23 pounds can easily be dropped in 21 days.

I would say that it is very important to remember everyone’s metabolism is different so the result will be different from one person to another. Results vary but the key element in this diet is consistency.  As far as food in this diet goes I was really interested, we live in a society that is very health conscious and we all want to live long and healthy. The diet focus on low glycemic impact foods. On an eazy search, I found a number of youtube video’s that lists low glycemic foods. The diet focus on fruit, vegetables, beans ext. The diet recommends clean proteins and healthy fats. To make it easy for you I will give you a shortlist of these foods. We all have heard of Low GI, right? By writing this article I have realised that my way of eating needs a few minor changes to completely fall into this diet.  So let’s look for some superfoods so we can look at how we are currently eating and how we can put these foods into our diet.  Onions and garlic are great and according to me, one cannot cook without these items in your pantry. Leafy greens are also a superfood and they are full of vitamins and minerals.  Fatty Seeds is very healthy so stock up on these as healthy snack on the road and in your home. Some great examples are pumpkin seeds, flaxseeds, sunflower seeds. They have no or low carbs and then and the few carbs they do have are dietary fibre.

We need to think slightly different about our food consumption so rather than put serial on your Yogurt use these seeds as they are also low GI. Avocado is truly a great food and it can be used in so many different ways. This food is full of vitamins like Omega 3 and 6 and vitamins A, C,E, K and B6.

Coconut is also a great food so use it to cook with as it is low GI and have minimal carbohydrates. Nuts are a great superfood so nuts like walnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts or are very high in healthy fats and protein. They are very low in carbs and have Antin inflammatory properties. Nuts are a very tasty snack and do not mess with your blood sugar. Be a little more careful with cashew nuts as they are higher in carbs although it is not nearly as unhealthy as a juice or a snicker bar.  Herbs are harmless and make for great food flavouring.

Eggs are a great source of good protein and fat. It has no effect on your blood sugar. It is a healthy inexpensive way to start your day. Butter and Cheese do not affect the blood sugar eighter. When it comes to oil rather use coconut oil.  If you are a meat lover like me don’t worry I will get to your food shortly and some healthy meat options. Avoid meats that are coated in crumbs, yes they can be delicious but they are high in carbs. Most meats are great to eat but there are better and worse options.

Some of the worst options are fried meats, and very fatty cuts like ribs, bacon, poultry’s fatty skin and deep-fried fish or tofu. Fish and Seafood are also great they are in Omega 3, I suggest you eat fatty fish at least twice a week.  Some great seafood is tuna, herring, mackerel, sardines, salmon crab, shellfish and shrimp. As you can see the food options are endless. As far as the rapid diet by Brian Flatt goes you going to have to purchase his product. One can by changing your diet and habits slightly make a huge difference in your health and weight.

As far as meet go the healthiest option will always be chicken, turkey or duck but without the skin. Other good options are beef, pork, veal and lamb but lean.

Seeing that we are on the diet topic already I would like to finally look at alcohol and what you can drink and not. According to some of the research, your body sees alcohol as a dangerous by-product so what it naturally does is use it as fuel. This means that your body will significantly blunt the fat burning up to almost 75% after one had more than one drink. The body stops using the carbs in your body for energy and although very little alcohol is stored as fat even less than 5% the fats and the carbs stand an increased risk of being stored as fat. After your first couple of drinks, your brain increases its usage of GABA. Gaba is a neurotransmitter in your brain and that is largely the reason why it is known as a depressant.  Over time the GABA receptors get used to the effects of alcohol and that is one would need to drink more and more to experience the effects of alcohol.


The 3 Week Diet

GABA is also a neurotransmitter for allowing you to stay asleep, so the excessive use of alcohol might disrupt your sleep patterns. Alcohol also will affect the higher processing areas in your brain. The Cerebral cortex while the lower areas of the brain are relatively unaffected. If you ever have experienced saying things or doing things you would not normally you have experienced what it is like to take your cerebral cortex out of the equation.

Would I suggest that you try the best weight loss diet based on what we have researched?

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