Stop Eat Stop Review: Is Brad Pilon a guru or scammer?
Intermittent fasting has taken the world by storm why dont you also get onto this trend .

Stop Eat Stop Review: Is Brad Pilon a guru or scammer?

If you have been following our blog for any amount of time you will know that we are Big Fans of Intermittent Fasting. In this week’s blog post we are reviewing the stop eat stop programme that has a major focus on intermittent fasting and all its benefits. Our goal is to determine if the books owners’ facts are correct, the content easy to follow and the customer service when you purchase these items. 

We have written a few blog posts on this topic as we are just such fans of this way of eating. Intermittent fasting is a practice that times when the user eats, so the user will go through periods where they are not eating and periods where they may eat.

What is stop eat stop?

Stop eat stop is an e-book that takes all the possible intermittent fasting patterns and breaks them down into a readable and understandable format. The book is available in eBook format. The book is a fully loaded 190 pages

Who created the stop eat stop diet?

Stop eat stop was created by Canadian Brad Pilon who holds an honours degree in Applied Human Nutrition. Brad has experience with growing and building a sustainable business as his first Job out of university was as a research analyst a small Canadian company that grew to one of the biggest supplement companies in the world, where, Brad worked as the R&D Manager.

Brads Job in the supplement research and development space required him to travel and world and discover new and innovative supplements; he met with health and fitness heavy-weights such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and had workouts with heavy-weight bodybuilders, but after 6 years in this position Brad decided that the time had come for him to move on, or rather, move back to university as a post-graduate student.


Brad’s post-graduate studies made him realise that as much as he has studied and worked in the health and fitness space in the last few years his knowledge of the human body was poor. This realisation and other factors related to his post-graduate studies inspired Brad to focus on the effect of short-term fasting on the Human body for his thesis.

Eat Stop eat, how much protein, Adonis effect and anabolic again are all the results of Brads extensive studies and career in the health and fitness.

It is Brad’s Main objective to dispel rumors that are perpetuated by the Health and Beauty Industry by informing the reader why these rumors exist, how they can be dangerous and how to avoid falling into marketer’s traps.

Do you want a no BS weight loss programme from an educated NO BS author then Brad is your guy.

What are the Pros and cons of the Eat stop eat system?

  • The system is based on intermitted fasting that is a weight loss method that is known to work and has been used worldwide for decades.
  • The system has many devoted followers who swear by it with variations being created regularly.
  • It is backed by true scientific proof.
  • It is written by Brad Pilon who is highly educated in the Health and fitness industry
  • It is an easy to follow system that only requires small changes to your daily routine to be effective.
  • Can be used as weight management or weight loss system.
  • It is an easy to follow system that only requires small changes to your daily routine to be effective.
  • Can be used as weight management or weight loss system.
  • No crazy diets
  • No cutting out food groups .
  • Not suitable for people with type 1 or type 2 diabetes (unless consent is obtained from a medical professional) .
  • Does not come in a paperback format so it will have to be downloaded.
  • The exercises in the book could be more specific to your goals, as we know, intermittent fasting can be used by men and women of differing body types. It would have been more beneficial if the exercises were more tailored to all the various body types.

What if I dont like Eat stop Eat ?

Brad and his team are so confident in their product that they offer a 60-day Money Back Guarantee on this book so you can try the system risk-free and if you don’t like it you can return it no questions asked.

Won't I die of Hunger?

No and Yes. There are many ways to do intermittent fasting so it’s 100% normal to feel hungry in the first few weeks, however, this should get better every time you fast there are many things that you may consume such as coffees and teas to help you with your fasting days. We recommend that you choose a method of fasting that works for your lifestyle some people like the 5:2 (where little to no food is consumed on 2 days of the week with the rest being normal eating days), others like the 8: 16, each of these methods are effective so DO WHAT BEST SUITS YOU .

Is it ok for women to skip meals, is this not dangerous?

This is not true for women who have normal hormone levels, Studies have actually discovered that the opposite is true. Women are well catered for in the Eat Stop Eat diet with specific chapters being dedicated to fasting for women. This is where you can tell that Brad really know what he is talking about he mentions everything from a women’s hormones, her menstrual cycle and the possible side effect that could be brought on by fasting, the best times for women to fast and he shares tonnes of success stories from women that have been successful with the system .

Would we recommend the Eat stop Eat system?

My Husband and I have had tremendous success with the intermittent fasting diet and have set up this blog to tell people about all the benefits of an IF diet. We would, therefore, recommend this system as it follows the step by step plan that we followed.

I am a vegan, will this work for me?

The eat stop eat programme is suitable for vegans and vegetarians even though it recommends many meat-based proteins there are many vegan/vegetable alternatives in the meals. It’s also important to remember that Intermittent fasting determines WHEN you eat rather than WHAT you eat so you will find that there is more of an emphasis on the timing of meals than what is being consumed in those meals.

Can you Guarantee that the Eat-stop-Eat plan will work on me?

No, all lifestyle changes require effort from YOU as the user, any diet that can guarantee results is probably not going to work. The desire to get into shape and live a healthier lifestyle must come from you as the User and cannot be given to you.

Won't fasting cause muscle loss?

No, Brad goes into this in the book but Intermittent fasting gives you the ability to gain muscle and lose body fat at the same time. This rumour has been dispelled many times so you can lose weight and gain muscle at the same time.

How long before I see results?

This depends on several factors but most people start seeing centimetres lost in the first week with a noticeable difference on the scale being seen at weeks 2-3. If you are on the 5:2 plan you will lose a more weight on your fasting days and may see a faster result than most.

Is it safe to take medications and fast?

This would depend on what your doctor says. We recommend that your medical practitioner be consulted before embarking on any weight loss /lifestyle change. In some case what we have found is doctors are happy for some medications to be consumed on an empty stomach but, as we said before, this depends on your doctor and the kind of illness you have.

Does the eat stop eat involve cutting out major food groups?

Not at all in fact, Ben specifically sites this as a reason why most diets fail. This is the most flexible diet that we have ever seen as it suggests times that you ought not to eat and specifies foods that you may want to eat for improved results. It mixes all food groups and doesn’t limit one of them making it feel like you are not on a diet.

What about exercising and the eat stop plan?

We have great news for you on this front. Did you know that fasted exercise is one of the most effective ways of burning stubborn fat? Have you also seen that most exercise programmes recommend that you do cardio before eating breakfast? The reason for this is that when the body is in the fasted state it uses the body stored fat reserves as energy thus blasting the fat into oblivion.

Bodybuilders are advised to do it slightly differently, the body needs the energy to build muscle so, as a bodybuilder, it is recommended that you lift weights a few hours after you have broken your fast. Your first meal should be loaded the lots of protein and carbohydrates so that your body can convert these into muscle.

Won't NOT eating 6 meals a day slow down my metabolism?

This is another rumour that Brad dispels in this book. It has been proven that it simply doesn’t matter when you consume your meals. Let’s do the simple maths if a man is on the 5:2 diet he technically “saves” 5200 a week. Do you honestly think that somebody that eats 2800 calories a day in 6 meals would lose more weight – Heck No!

This is the beauty of intermittent fasting; you don’t need to count calories (easy on the MacDonald’s though tiger), you don’t need to eat 6 meals a day and you can have all the foods that you love on a weekly basis without food guilt.

Can I use this as a detox method?

Absolutely, Fasting is itself a way of detoxing your body. We would recommend adding ACV to the mix for an extra boost of detoxifying power.

In conclusion

We want Brad to help you help yourself, we have heard of so many people that have had success with the Eat-Stop-Eat programme. We recommend diving in the figure out which of the various methods will work for you. Remember that no weight loss programme will succeed without your effort so we recommend that, once you have selected your programme, you put your fasting schedule, meals, workout in your google calendar or Icloud so that you don’t forget.

So it’s we recommend the following steps are undertaken :

  • Get the book from this link
  • Read the free quick start guide
  • Choose your recommended type (8:16,5:2 etc )
  • Plan your meals
  • Plan your fasting days via your google calendar
  • Stick to your plan
  • Incorporate your favourite meals into your diets
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Stop Eat Stop Review

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