The Favourite Foods Diet Review
The diet that allows you to eat all your best foods

The Favourite Foods Diet Review

What is it and is it too good to be true? Can it be possible to eat your favourite foods and lose weight? I wanted to share this diet with you and give you an honest objective opinion. Over the years I have researched many products done fasting and have been on numerous diets.  I have always been watching my weight but a few years ago I had a traumatic stomach operation so I have to not only look at what I eat but I also have to think of my gut health

I reviewed the Favourite food diet and was pleasantly surprised. It is all inclusive and good for the mind, body and soul. It is always recommended that you research any program you are planning on following. Your health is priority number one.

Because of my stomach and my operation I was also looking for a program that looks at my personal stomach health and a program that kept stomach health included and prioritised it. This diet program is easy to use and simple and straight forward without all the diet pills and unhealthy supplements that is so widely advertised these days. I love when a product has a money back guarantee it just proves to me what the confidence levels are and gives me peace of mind knowing I literally have nothing but weight to lose.

What do you get in the Favourite Foods Diet ?

The program is all inclusive of recipes, a diet program, help you understand why people are overweight and diet industry deception. This is one of the only programs that are thus inclusive of all aspects including of a chapter called the mind-body connection which most companies and people following diets forget.

This program is a new approach to weight loss that I have been waiting for, for a while now. The Creator of this amazing program is Chrissi Mitchel who wanted to simplify weight loss. What exactly is the favourite food diet? This program is not only different from any other program it is truly unique.

What does this diet entail?

This program let the dieter consume what they love regularly like pizzas or brownies so your diet while feeling that you’re not. This program is really fascinating and will give you new perspective on weight loss and makes it simple and user friendly.

This program eliminates those crash diets and shows you ways to maintain the weight that you have lost and help you to lose if that is what your goal is. You will learn how to boost your metabolism while eating foods that you love. It shows you what to exclude from your diet and the information can easily be downloaded to your smartphone so you have easy access anywhere. You can carry recipe’s with you when you go grocery shopping and they are very easy to use.

Simplify your diet and keep eating the food you love

There is lots and advice in the program and what I really liked is that the program is simple and straight forward. The program is also fully refundable if you do not see results within the first 60 days.  This program is also targeted at obesity and teach you how to keep weight of. Obesity is one of the diseases that we are currently being plagued by and it is a worldwide problem.

At first the illness attacks your health slowly but as it develops works much faster. This program helps you eliminates bad habits, help you eat better and will change the way you view food. There has been so many success stories and I am actually very excited to have found a program that still lets me eat delicious foods, take care of my mental health and look after my gut health all in one.  One of the key ingredients that I loved about the program is that the focus on my mental health when on this diet.

No extreme exercise

You will not need any extreme cardio routines and you will be able to eat even more of those favourite foods. What I also like about the creator Chrissi Mitchel is that she is honest from the beginning that she is neither a doctor nor a dietitian she is a real person that wanted real results. She is in her early forties and has had 3 children so she understands how difficult it can be to balance life and a diet regime. She comes across as a companionate person that wants to help others.


She has been called the woman that is five years ahead of the weight loss industry and this gives me a great indication of what her program is about and how highly it is respected across the board.  All diseases are made so much worse, by being overweight. 

Easy to stay on diet

As Chrissi explains is that their hundreds of diets and yes some does work but people find it hard to stick to them. She was looking for a fun, effortless diet. A diet she herself could actually stick to for life. Hitting your weight loss goals is actually much easier than one could ever think and this program makes it doable.

Gone are the diets that restrict you. With this program you will learn that you can still eat those favourite foods other diets make you crave. With all the diets and supplements out there 34% of Americans are still obese so something went wrong somewhere.  There is no point in eliminating your favourite foods as it is insane to tell a person never to eat their favourite foods again.

What does this woman know about weight loss ?


Not only was Chrissi struggling with weight issues she also starting experiencing problems with her confidence and in her marriage because of it. With a waistline of 42 inches she was at risk for diabetes. As she explains diets just did not work as she tried 19 different diets without success. Some diets definitely worked for her for a while but she found them unsustainable. Crissi is from a family of bakers so her comfort foods are baked goods. One night desperate for answers as she kept on gaining weight her husband helped her find the solution in an online forum.

What she found was an old post in the forum and found this unique way of looking at food eye which is life changing.  The person claimed that with a few tweaks to your diet you can still eat your favourite foods and make your diet twice as effective. There is also lots of research where your metabolism can be sped up by certain foods. Crissi and her husband set off to create a diet that would work for the normal man/ woman on the street. One thing I must say that stood out for me is that you can eat  the things you love and for me chips is at the top of that list.

Does the favorite food diet work?

The short answer is YES absolutely. This amazing product allows you to eat the foods you love, you never feel starved or lethargic. So what’s the ingredient and how does this science work?  Recently the Cambridge University released a study on their advanced nutritional science department. It was called the effects of gut ecology on weight loss.  We often look at someone skinny and think they must have a better metabolism which is not true. Metabolism is an effect of a deeper cause.

If we focus on metabolism only we missing out on the truth of what makes skinny people skinny. There is another factor that makes these people lose weight effortlessly. There is a specific good bacteria in the system that makes it impossible for you to get fat when they are present. We are all born with these bacteria but we lose it over time, it dries up. There are many things that destroy these good bacteria like sweeteners, alcohol and stress. As a result weight loss is always going to remain an uphill battle

Get your gut going with the guidance of the favorite food diet .

These good bacteria can easily be replaced quite cheaply. This diet is truly remarkable as it opened my eyes to a new, leaner future.  This is the world’s first system that is effortless and perfectly natural and you can eat what you want. The key to this system is strategic eating and Crissi teaches us how it’s done. This is the one diet you are never going to struggle with and best of all you will feel great.

The secret ingredient is so powerful that you will notice a difference in the way your body handles food almost immediately. Desert foods are strategically placed throughout the diet compelled with the secret ingredient to insure that your cheat foods can remain in your diet.  What’s important to remember that this is not a temporary diet solution this is a different way of eating that is sustainable and will blow your mind. Gone are the cravings and hunger this way of eating leaves you satisfied and full. What I was also very impressed about is how energetic I felt and still feel.

The most important aspect of our health is our metabolism and with this diet you will kick start it into first gear. This diet book is going to give you many revelations and it includes a diet plan and the knowledge is life changing. This is journey no one should miss out on and a have to for anyone that has ever struggled with their weight.  The favourite food diet is available at a very inexpensive price making it available to most people. The cost is a fraction of what you are going to spend on the wrong diet and done are the days of paying for that failed gym memberships.  There is also no price on your health, peace of mind and happiness.


The cost are only 37 USD for a total life changing diet that you can follow forever and something that you can easily maintain.  Satisfaction is guaranteed and as I mentioned earlier they offer a full money back guarantee if you don’t see results fast. The support staff is courteous, knowledgeable and extremely helpful should you have any questions and they are also available 24/7.  Also included in the favourite food diet completely free is the favourite detox cleanse. Another added bonus is Crissi’s favourite dessert recipe’s in the program. So I am sure that you think as I did this offer just get’s better and better. Before doing the dessert recipe’s Chrissi went through over five years of tasting ensuring we get the most healthy and tasty deserts available.

The diet for everyone


This program is truly for everyone, it does not matter what your weight or fitness levels are. The food are easy straight forwards recipe’s that’s delicious and it is definitely foods we all  like to eat and a diet anyone can stick to. Like I have mentioned before you eat all your favourite foods and adapting to this diet is no effort whatsoever. This program is the most exiting breakthrough I have ever seen in the diet industry. I have followed many diets over the last 20 years and finally found not a diet but a way of eating I now can implement permanently. The diet also explain in detail something that I have suspected for a very long time that you should eat your favourite foods as if you don’t you will come to a point where you can’t handle the cravings anymore and give up.  There are a number of key elements to this diet. The program features an entire guide that is dedicated to miracle shake recipes.

The shakes that can easily be made with ingredients from your grocery store and will help speed up your metabolism and they are easy to prepare. Secondly the program provides detailed information about obesity and why it happens. By having detailed information users will be able to cut the substances that cause weight gain. In addition the information will help you make better and smarter food choices permanently.

I will leave the links for you if you were to get this all-inclusive program so you can start living your best healthy life today. 

As Chrissi herself says this is a key to a happier, healthier life and you can start your new life today or you can keep doing the same things and expect different results which make no sense. Chrissi has unlocked some of the greatest dieting secrets of our time and is well respected in the diet and fitness industry.  I am hooked and will forever remain changed. My eyes was opened by this program and I cannot wait to prepare my next meal and shake as everything is delicious.

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Favorite Foods Diet

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