Two Week Diet Review

Two Week Diet Review

We receive emails from customers all the time who say that they are struggling to reach their goal weight. Whether you are a dedicated person who has the last few kilograms to lose, a bride getting ready for her special day or preparing for that beach body holiday, you can use the two-week diet to get rid of those last few pounds before your special day or event. We wanted to give you an insiders review of the two-week diet so you can make an informed choice about this programme.

The 2-week diet is a made up of the following 3 elements:

  • The launch Handbook

    1. The launch handbook is a book designed to give its users a Jumpstart and combines proven scientific weight loss method and techniques.
    2. The launch Handbook is a step by step guide that is full of effective underground weight loss secrets and techniques, anti-regression techniques to assist the user keep the weight off and 10 pages full of nutritious recipes that were specifically formulated to create sustainable energy during the day, for weight loss and rapid body toning.
  • The diet Handbook

    1. The diet handbook was designed to be a more inclusive diet and food programme; It includes recipes that can be used by all body types to help lose excess weight in two weeks.
    2. The handbook is one of the best parts of the two-week diet because its creators really thought of eating as a holistic process that doesn’t need to take hours to prepare or cost an arm or a leg.
    3. The handbook is full of affordable tasty recopies that promote fat-burning and weight loss with ingredients that can be bought at most food retailers.
    4. The most surprising thing about the handbook is that they also cater for people who love sweet foods and have ingeniously included weight loss desserts in their diet handbook.
  • The Activity (exercise handbook )

    1. Many of us hate exercise the very idea of it brings forth the fear of having to “jog-on-the-spot “or doing 100s of crunches. It is something that only a few of us enjoy but all of us must

    2. Most exercise programmes out there are either too difficult for beginners, require a gym or are 60 mins or more. The activity handbook one of the only exercise books that have workouts for gym-bunnies and non-gym bunnies so you really have no excuse. The workouts are anywhere between 20 mins to 40 The activity book recommends that you workout only 3 to 4 times a week.

  • The motivation handbook

    1. Most people really struggle to stay motivated when they are on a weight loss journey and we have found over the years that most of the weight loss and diet programmes out there do not encourage its users to train the most important and most used muscle; The Brain.
    2. The motivation handbook is a book that all weight loss guides must include in their programmes as the book not only teaches you to stay motivated in your weight loss efforts but in all aspects of your life. It’s the first weight loss guide that tells the user about the delayed response effect and the problem with living an immediate satisfaction life.

Who created the 2-week diet?

Brain Flatt Creator of the two week diet .

The 2-week diet was created by well know health and fitness star Brain Flatt who is the owner and founder of R.E.V Fitness in the Southern California Area. Brain’s experience in health and beauty means that he is an expert in the industry in this field.

This book was motivated by Brain’s desire to demystify myths about the weight loss industry – He says that he only wanted the highest standards for his weight loss programme and has spent lots of time and money to get the book to meet his exacting standards.

The cellular inflammation Lie.

Did you know that cellular inflammation can cause weight loss and is ignored by 99% of diets out there? Yes, It’s true if you reduce cellular inflammation you will boost your metabolism and increase your ability to lose weight.

What if I don’t like the programme?

The programme carries a 60 – day risk-free guarantee, therefore, you can try the programme risk-free and if you don’t like it you can return it for a question free refund.

Who is the diet for?

It is important to always consult your health care professional before embarking on a diet and exercise programme. The 2-week diet has been formulated for people of all ages and all walks of life.

What can I do to improve my results?

Your weight loss is your responsibility, however, we do recommend maybe adding a fasting day or two to your programme this will :

Drastically reduce food costs

Increase muscle definition and

Help with the last few stubborn kilograms.

Would you recommend this programme?


Yes, we would definitely this programme as a short-term fix. The programme is fair and focuses on the user. It is easy to use and can be done for extended periods of time. It has easy to follow weight loss routines and has testimonials from many people who have had success with the diet.  

What can expect from the book?

The book is broken down into 12 chapters and is 57 pages in total.


Chapter 1: The truth about weight loss: In this chapter, Brain explains why so many people in this world are fat he also explains that the health and fitness industry is full lies and fake gurus who would rather have you buy their products again and again than have you succeed at weight loss.


Chapter 2: Rapid weight loss: This chapter explains the rationale behind the book as well as the weight you can expect to lose following the programme.


Chapter 3: How to get this : This is a surprising chapter in the book that reveals all the weight loss secrets and strategies that he has on his clients for years.

Won't I have to wait forever for the programme to arrive?

No this is a downloadable book that is available immediately after purchase so you will not have to wait


We would recommend this book to anyone that needs to lose weight and keep it off. You can continue the routine for more than the reccommeded 2 weeks if you would like to see more weight loss.

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Two week Diet

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