Underground Fat Loss Manual Review: 2019 Updated
a review of The Underground Fat Loss Manual from a frist time user

Underground Fat Loss Manual Review: 2019 Updated

A lot of you that have been following our blog bionicsgo.com will know that we are always looking for weight loss methods to share with our audience. So it should come as no surprise that we decided to review the Underground Fat Loss Manual after it was banned from google AdWords, Facebook and all other forms of social media.

Did you know that there is a parasitic worm that is consumed for weight loss? and Did you know that sitting in a bath full of ice can promote weight loss? If you answered no to these questions, then you are the reason that the book was created. The book is full of pages and pages of controversial weight loss methods such as the Aspirin method and nicotine gum method amongst others.

The book was banned after a few customers complied to Amazon that the methods in the book were not safe, this is despite several users reporting that they had lost anywhere from 5 Kg (10 pounds) to 15 Kg (30 pounds) using their methods.

Who is the creator of the Underground Fat Loss Manual?

Matt Marshall is a certified personal trainer and founder of the Underground Fat Loss Manual, Fitness user oath and many others. Mat is admittedly a loner and keeps his clientele to a select few people who are serious about rapid weight loss. Many people in the fitness industry credit mark as one of the people that you need on your team if you want to get lean fast.

Mat wrote this book to inform people that they have a right to see all methods of losing weight irrespective of one persons’ opinion of that weight loss technique.

How the programme has been received by users?

Matt marshal has helped many people lose weight over the years and has many clients who have sent him proof of their weight loss. Some of the methods in the book are powerful so this comes as no surprise.

What can I expect from the programme?


This programme is actually a very good read Matt puts a lot of things into perspective such as:

  • The Myth the Carbohydrates make you Fat
  • Not all sweets are bad (especially red liquorice)
  • And Much much more,

The book is about 100 plus pages of case studies, workouts and diet plans.

Is Matt a scammer or a true guru?

Well there are tons of rumours about Fat loss that he dispels such as the Rumour that losing weight quickly will ruin your metabolism – The truth is you should always try and lose weight as quickly as possible this is further proved by the study from the University of Newcastle where the researchers actually proved that slow weight loss actually reduces your resting metabolism.

Matt Dispels so many rumours in this book that many people think he is lying but the truth is most of his claims are backed by science.

Why I reviewed the underground fat loss manual and would I recommend it ?


This book is a great read, Matt has great story-telling skills but most of all his methods are a step by step no-nonsense system that is full of facts. His methods include methods such as intermittent fasting and can really only help you if you take his advice seriously.

Do you agree with all of Matt’s conclusions?

We agree with about 80% of the suggested methods in the book as most of the things he tells you to do are true but warm all buyers of this book to be careful when trying to attempt some of these methods as they could be dangerous.

What if I am not happy with the product

If you find that you are unhappy with the product in anyway you can just email the makers and request a refund (60 days to return) . 

Which bonuses do you get with the Underground Fat loss Program ?

Underground Fat Loss review | The bonuses

Bonus 1 : 60 Second Hormone Fix

The 60 second hormone fix is one of three bonuses that you get with the underground Fat loss manual . This guide’s main objective is to help regulate leptin levels. Leptin is a hormone that assits in blood sugar and hunger levels so that your body is in an weight loss position . 

The truth is many people are the world have some sort of horemone deficency . Do you ever feel like you are not lossing as much weight as your peers when you try a 30 day diet . Well , chances are , your leptin levels are less than optimal . 

The good news about leptin is that Leptin levels is that you can do something every morning that helps you regulate leptin levels . 

This 60 minite hack is included in the 60 second hormone fix .


Bonus 2 :Ageless Abs

lets face it , We all want to have Abs . The ageless abs book is packed full of weight loss tips to eliminate belly fat well into you 40s and 50s .This book has proven weight loss food and workout programmes that make the exercise process easy and fun Ageless abs alone is great so great bonus !

Underground Fat Loss Manual Review: 2019 Updated

Underground Fat Loss Manual is a book with many underground weight loss techniques that you can start using today . I like the fact that the book comes with a 60 day risk free money back guarantee !

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