we walked 10000 steps for a week
one week of walking 10000 steps .

we walked 10000 steps for a week

Day 1 results

Alright, we walked 10000 steps for a week.

Day 1

On the first day of this challenge and we wanted to see how it would be to walk 10000 steps every day. If you’re wondering where this method came from this method was originally formulated in Japan but has gained popularity as recent science has proven the people that walk more steps are healthier and live a long that life.Dr Catherine to the loch says the original figure of 10000 was not based in medical science.

the truth is research says that the 10000 steps a day is not a magic number but is a good way to tell how well you are doing on a day-to-day basis based on your activity levels.

On the first day, I was able to walk 10616 steps which was approximately 7.5 km with 572 calories being burnt. I was extremely pleased with this number because 572 calories is more than the recommended 202 300 day.

10000 steps | day 1

what did we use to track our steps ?

we have two Samsung watches the gear fit Pro 2 and the Samsung Gear 2 which we used to log out steps I love this app because it makes it very very easy to know how much your walking on a daily basis I would make an effort to walk 4006 before I got home and then the rest when I got home on average it takes about 5 minutes to walk 500 steps meaning that you walk about 100 steps every minute this in reality means that walking 10000 steps from start to finish will be more than 60 minutes of walking so in order to save time but I would do is before lunch I would take a break and walk about 10 minutes which resulted in me having a Thousand Steps here are the pictures are our results on the first day As you can see France did better than me with 12818 steps this day which means that he walked about 8.2 km and burnt about 556 calories.

we have a detailed review of the gear here 

Day 2

The second day was slightly more challenging after the success of Day 1 I had come home with much less and I had previously which resulted in the oven to Wall in the park after we eat completed our walk in order to get to my 10000 steps Target.

overall the day was successful as I was able to walk 10600 and 53 steps at a distance of 7.55 km with 574 calories being burnt. Price is also very successful on this day as he was also able to walk about 10000 steps but this is the first time that we had an issue with his SmartWatch which for some reason last 5500 more steps so you’ll see his total is actually 25260 steps but this isn’t true because this is some accident that the watch made.

Acetone is quite simple to walk 10000 steps as both you and your pet require exercise so instead of making this difficult task on a daily basis you can see it as a time of rest and relaxation where you your loved ones get some exercise.

10000 steps day 2

Day 3

on day 3 we quickly realised all the benefits of this challenge France walked 15347 steps in total and has started today being extremely busy so he had so many steps on day 3 I walked in Thousand 818 steps we found that we were walking extra steps on a daily basis we get to our 10000 steps at about 6 o’clock and would keep our watches on and they would log extra steps so I manage to walk 10818 steps with 7.7 km being walked 621 calories being burnt .

10000 steps a day day 3
10000 steps a day day 3

Day 4

On the 4th day I started our walk with more than 4000 calories starting at 4000 calories means that you only have to offset Styles and to reach your 10000 goals for that day this resulted in us having a shorter walk on this day so it is always a good idea to walk more amount during the day so you do not have a large amount to walk in the afternoon on the 4th France was able to walk 10435 steps and I was able to walk 11225 steps.

Day 4 100000 steps

Day 5

Most people think that Friday’s are supposed to be your cheat day or the day when you do not make an effort with your exercise we found on this Friday that it was really not an effort and it actually helped us feel better during the weekend on this Friday I managed to walk 12013 steps with 8.3 km being walked and 600 79 calories being burnt France was able to walk 10472 steps which resulted in 6.6 km being walked and 455 calories being burnt.

100000 steps a day day 5

Day 6

We want to take it easy on this Saturday so we actually didn’t make our step Target in total I was able to walk 5327 steps with only 3.67 km being walked and 293 calories being burnt. France able to 2069 steps with 1.9 km being walked and a hundred 29 calories being burnt.

Day 7

On the 7th day being a Sunday means that we sat at home and did very little with me being mostly an active this day I only walked 1055 steps the 0.68 km and only 57 km calories in total being burnt. France on this day did not even wear his watch so he only bought 38 steps logged on the Samsung.

Day 8

We wanted to actually give this challenge a chance so we added an additional day so I’m the next Monday the 29th of October we decided to complete our 10000 steps challenge I was able to log 11242 steps with 7.48 km being walked and 600 calories being burnt. Franz on this day was able to walk 11536 steps with 7.33 km walk and 492 calories be burnt.

so what were our results with this challenge?

all in all I was able to lose 2 kg and France was able to lose just under a half a kg as you can see the results aren’t Mind-Blowing but you can see that it definitely has a weight loss effect. the greatest benefit of this method is actually not the amount of weight you lose is what you gain by being outdoors with your family and your pets.

would I recommend that you would 10000 steps a day?

I would definitely recommend that everybody makes an effort to stay Active the 10000 steps a day doesn’t have to be adhered to so strictly but I would recommend it everybody at least tries to walk the recommended 6000 steps a day and adds other weight loss methods such as lifting weights and Cardio to this for a healthy lifestyle that is balanced.

What should you use to track your steps?

wow there are thousands of fitness trackers out there this will have to depend on your budget we have the Samsung gear and the Samsung Gear Fit Pro 2 and except for the problem we had in the one-day where the one watch logged 5500 too many steps we have been quite pleased with the way in which Samsung logs your daily activity we would definitely recommend that you get a smart watch that is compatible with your phone and that you turn on that wall steps get tracked.

How many steps should my dog walk?

With all of the research, we haven’t found a recommended step target for dogs but we all know that it is important that your pets also get a fair amount of exercise so taking them along for your walks on a daily basis is definitely a win-win for the dog and its owner.

results of walking 10000 steps in a week
Mmuso's results of the 10000 step challenge

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