Firstly let me put a pound into perspective for those of us that are from different parts of the world. A pound equals 0.45 kg. So to lose 10 pounds would mean 4.5 kg and as much as it seems it can be done and reasonably quick. There are so many ways to accomplish this goal and this topic really excites me so let’s look at some possibilities. The first question to ask yourself how fast do you want to accomplish this goal? Set yourself a realistic accomplishable goal.

Always keep in mind that your health must always come first so choose the best possible option for your health always. The first way I would suggest is intermittent fasting that I wrote about in another article, I will forever be a great fan. Fast twice a week and cut down on your carb intake. Eat lean proteins as well. One thing to always remember is that I always recommend that you speak to your physician before trying any new diet, health is key. On one of our other articles, we speak about intermittent fasting so in this article I will focus on other ways to lose 10 pounds. I am going to list a number of ways that this can be done and then explain them in more detail. Remember nothing is ever accomplished without effort on your part. 

  1. Eat fewer Carbohydrates and more lean proteins.
  2. Avoid Junk Food and processed foods like bread
  3. Dramatically reduce your calorie intake and count your calories
  4. Try High-intensity Interval Training
  5. Try and be as active as possible
  6. Get a pressure cooker
  7. Eat Slow
Weight loss 10 pounds

The first is quite easy to do if you are not a huge carb fan if you are this will take some planning and discipline but ultimately just remember the amazing reward that is waiting for you. There are many replacements for carbs and this will force you to think slightly different about what you eat. We need to get back to basics and eat from the land and less from the drive-through.  Some replacements for carbs could be simply having cauliflower mash instead of potato mash which tastes amazing and with a little effort, you will hardly know the difference. Eat Rie bread instead of normal bread and if you find it hard to find rye switch to a low gi bread. Alternatively, you can cut out all carbs and eat only proteins and salad for at least a week and see how much you have lost.  Eat these proteins until you have achieved your goal weight which should be reasonably easy. Depending on how fast you want to lose you can also drink water as your drink of choice only, no alcohol and soft drinks. This might seem harsh but remember you need to decide how fast you want to lose it and what you are prepared to sacrifice for your goal.

Let’s get to my second point which is to avoid all junk food. Junk food increases your risk of depression studies showed. I know I am most properly going to be hated for this statement but we were never intended to eat any junk food. I know it is delicious, yes but you would be horrified if you knew what the calories in your juicy meals are. Stay away from your favourite drive through and see how the pounds melt away. Fast foods are full of sugar and carbs and have very little to non-feeding value, I know that they would disagree and maybe I am generalizing but let’s be honest very few fast food restaurants are thinking about quality. Fast foods are extremely high in sodium, saturated fats, trans fat and cholesterol and it is something you should not eat often and when you want to lose weight fast it is the last thing you should be eating.  A food that is always associated with obesity is definitely not ever be a diet food and will never ever have health benefits. Because of the food that is sodium-heavy you may experience elevated blood pressure or may aggravate existing heart conditions.  The more processed food is the less healthy it will be and that is a scientific fact. So if you want to lose fast stay away from takeaways and processed food. Processed food are simply those foods that have been changed from their original state. This should make it easy for you when you making your food decisions.  Remember losing weight is like any other decision you make, one good one at a time will change your life. 

Protein as a way to loose weight

Dramatically reduce your calorie intake and count your calories is my next recommendation which is a little more complicated but reasonable simple if you are prepared to make the effort. Counting calories are viewed by many people as painstaking work but it’s not nearly as hard as one might think. The simple way I started doing this was to read the packaging as most food these days are pretty clear on the back what you are eating per serving. If not use our trusted friend and “GOOGLE”. Make sure you eat fewer calories than you naturally burn daily and you will daily work on a calorie deficit which will guarantee your weight loss. Once again it all depends on how fast you want to lose and to which degree you are prepared to cut your calories. A simple way to calculate your calories for weight loss is to multiply your weight by 29 and that would be the number of calories to stay under. So a simple example is for a person that weighs 80 should stay under 2320 calories per day.  To help with the calorie counting I downloaded a free app called my Myfitnesspal and that really helped as the app knows how many calories there are in most foods. Calories that will be burnt will differ from person to person, age, gender and size will definitely play a significant part. I would reasonably say that even if you don’t work too hard this goal can be accomplished easily within two weeks. Losing weight the t is really not that hard it’s about commitment and if you really the ant to any goal can be accomplished

Try High-intensity Interval Training. With weight loss, everyone has their things that work for them and opinions about workouts and diets are quite varied. The best way is to try different diets and workouts until u find the one for u. We all different so what is the new big thing for someone might not work for another. I like proven facts though and I always do my research. So let’s look at high-intensity workouts and what some experts believe. This simply means workouts that has intervals with intense bursts of activity and periods that is not as intense. When cycling for instance high speed and low-speed intervals. If you on a treadmill for instance run as fast as you can for one minute and walk for 2 two minutes. With this method, you burn calories faster and when you get used to it would be able to train for longer. This is also ideal for a busy schedule. Research has shown that you can achieve more in mere 15-minute intervals than someone else jogging for an hour. According to a 2011 study presented at the American Colledge of the sports medicine annual meeting, just 2 weeks of this exercise improves your aerobic capacity as much as 6 to 8 weeks of endurance training.  Not only do you burn more calories during this workout it also kicks your bodies repair cycle into hyperdrive.  Running, biking, jumping, roping and rowing all work great for HIIT but you don’t need any equipment to get it done. This is an easy way to lose those 10 pounds that is unwanted.  10 Pounds is less than we think and one we get into any diet plan or exercise you might see it was so easy that you would like to aim for the next 10 pounds. 

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