Weight loss cleanse
weight loss clenses are all the range come and see how you can shed those extra pounds

Weight loss cleanse

There are many different types of cleanses out there so it can be difficult to find the one for you. I think its general knowledge to pick a weight loss cleanse that works for you and find one that has been done before. I always say this but it is important to remember I am not a health care practitioner and I can only tell you about cleanses that has worked for me and cleanses I found comfortable. We are going to look at some cleanses that worked for me some that worked great and some that worked less well.

Why bother with a cleanse?

There are simple reasons why one should cleanse. You want your organs to rest and that can easily be accomplished by a fast. Stimulate your liver to get rid of toxins that might have been building up in your body. It promotes toxin elimination through feces, urine, and sweat. Improve circulation throughout the body. By removing processed foods, a cleanse can aid the digestive process. These are just a few of many advantages that cleansing have for your body. The main aim of a cleanse is to cleanse your blood. This is done by removing impurities from your blood and your liver where toxins are eliminated from your system.  We can already see some of the benefits of cleansing so let’s look at some cleanses.

Cleanse your system

These are just a few cleanses that I want to look as everything nowadays there are hundreds if not thousands of cleanses. So let’s look at a few I found to really make me feel good and feel cleansed.

Cleanse in a day

These are a few ways to cleanse. Remember fasting is also cleansing and for more on that topic you can read more on this blog and in some of the articles find complete fasting plans. There is no miracle cleanse or diet that just happens in one day. But by starting on a day a week for instance you are bound to feel better and look better. Something a lot of people undervalue is the value of rest so rest enough and remember to de-stress. Do more of those things that make you feel happy and calm. Start your day calmly and with meditation if possible but most importantly don’t rush into it take your time and wake up and have hot or cold lemon water. The pectin in the lemon promotes digestion making lemon a great detoxifying food. Lemon water will also curb your appetite and also boosts satiety.

When doing a mini cleanse jumpstart your system after your lemon water with some good food. Skip the bread or cereals that will cause your body to retain water. Focus mainly on protein that will keep you fuller for longer.  A Salmon and egg scramble would be the perfect day starter. If you are on the go a smoothie is a good idea “remember to make it a healthy planned smoothie”

Have all your meals but make sure it is whole clean food and stay away from the drive through and processed foods.  Also ditch the salt shaker and use herbs and spices to flavour your food you will be amazed how after one day you can feel different.

When you feel that normal afternoon craving for biscuits and coffee or tea opt for a healthier option. Dandelion root tea with some almonds will be just as satisfying and much better for you. Dandelion improves digestion and being hydrated has everything to do with healthy skin, great energy and a healthy metabolism. If you are not a fan of dandelion you can use green tea for an antioxidant and metabolic boost. As much as it seems painful get your blood pumping. I always find it so interesting that I don’t feel like exercise but as soon as I start I keep going and even ten minutes in I feel refreshed and happy. By doing something simple exercise wise you help your body flush toxins all on its own.

As I mentioned before a great way to cleanse is to fast. We fast once a week for 36 hours and the benefits are astonishing. There are many other ways to do intermittent fasting on you can find numerous articles on this blog.

There are also different cleanses that focus on specific organs like the kidneys and the liver. This blog is completely objective so we are not sponsored by anyone or any company so this is purely our opinions so our opinion is not influenced by anyone.

I have heard a lot about a juice cleanse I would like to see what it entails and how to do it.

Juice cleanse

The first point that I came across in many of the cleanses is that they recommend that you do a pre-cleanse. This goes for most of the juice cleanses I have read as they say it is important to prepare the body for the cleanse and get maximum results. One to two days should be sufficient before you get going.

I say one day as I do fast and eat mostly clean but if you are one of those that does not really focus on anything and eat whatever you like you should most probably look at three to four days of a pre juice cleanse.

Drink that water

Cleansing is about reconnecting with your body again and understanding your body’s needs. Drink a lot more water dehydration is commonly mistaken for hunger and it might just be that your body is asking for water. Water will keep your cells hydrated and eliminate false hunger.

Cut your caffeine intake

For the best results while you are cleansing you want your body in a more alkaline state. If you love coffee or sodas take measures to wean yourself off these highly acidic, caffeinated beverages before you cleanse.

Fruit & Veg is always a winner

Eat more fruit and vegetables as this will increase your enzyme intake and will increase your general health.

Animal Products

For the day or two before your cleanse lean away from animal products and eat a plant based diet as far as possible. If you are like me a meat eater and eat more than one serving of animal products a day try and cut down the week before you cleanse. These products place a higher demand on your digestive system than plant based foods. The best is to ease your digestive of these food so it can kick into high gear when you start your juice fast.

Goodbye processed food

The sooner you eliminate processed foods from your diet the better. It is easy to make better decisions as I mentioned before in other articles most foods are labelled and by simply reading you can make much more informed, better food decisions.

Juice cleanse recommendations

You can drink lemon water or green tea in between your juices. Warm water with lemon is incredible for the liver. It starts the cleaning process for you even before you had your juice. Warm water with lemon is actually something we should drink more off permanently pre and post and during a cleanse. Drink your juice every two to two and half hours.  Consistency is key here and it’s important not to skip juices as you may feel hungry later and also drink the last one no later than two hours before you sleep. There are many recommendations on how long to stay on the juices cleanse for but I felt best doing it for a four day period after my fasting day.

I will specify some juices that is recommended remember it won’t help much if you don’t take into account the number of calories you are consuming. Take time for reflecting after your cleans to think of how you feel and appreciate what you have accomplished.

Start slow

When you start eating again please keep in mind that your digestive system has been in a state of rest. The first day should include a lot of fruit and veg and don’t start with foods that is very heavy on your stomach like steak. Avoid heavy meat, too much dairy, alcohol and processed foods the first day after your cleans. I will include some good recipe’s for you but the best to have after your cleanse is smoothies’.


With all health drink I always caution against getting in too much calories as we can drink a lot more calories than we can eat so we have to be mindful of how much calories we drink. So here are some I like that is also healthy.

Green smoothie:

½ cup unsweetened almond milk

1 tablespoon almond butter

1 banana

2 cups mixed greens (kale, chard or spinach)

Detox Smoothie:

1 Kiwi

1 Banana

¼ cup of pineapple

2 celery sticks

2 cups spinach

1 cup water

Apple & Berry Smoothie:

1 cup mixed berries

1 apple

2 cups spinach

1 cup water (unsweetened milk will also do)

Pineapple & Banana Smoothie:

½ Pineapple

1 banana

1 apple

2 cups of spinach

1 cup of water

Avocado Smoothie:

½ a cup apple juice

2 cups spinach

1 apple

½ avocado chopped

If you find this smoothie is too thick ad water to achieve desired consistency.

As you can see the above-mentioned smoothies are all clean food and they don’t have to be packed with calories to be tasty or healthy. You can invent your own smoothies as long as you keep them clean and you count the calories you are adding to them.


There are many different juices that you can make yourself with a simple juicer once again be mindful how many calories you are taking in.

The green juice: (4 servings)

2 cups spinach

6 Celery sticks

2 large cucumbers

½ lemon

2 medium apples

1-2 inch ginger

¼ – ½ cup parsley leaves

Detoxifying juice: (4 servings)

2-3 medium sized beets

6 carrots

2 medium apples

½ lemon

1-2 inch ginger

Better vision juice: (4 servings)

8 Carrots

2-3 oranges

1-2 inch ginger

1 inch turmeric (optional)

The sweet juice: (4 servings)

10 large carrots

2 medium apples

¼ cup parsley

All of the above can be made in advance and stored in your fridge so by prepping them before your week start you will be astonished to see how much free time you have added to your week.

Healthy drinks

These are all drinks that you can have on a daily basis and they are very healthy for you. I don’t think I have to elaborate about the first one that is obviously water. Remember your body is 70% water and we cannot live without it so make sure you always get enough of it. It is a very healthy option that will also help with the hunger pains are lemon water. Lemon water is a rich source of vitamin c, it also protects from Immune system deficiencies. Drinking lemon water every morning will help with the PH balance in your body. It’s also great for dental health as it prevents gingivitis.

I also like to infuse my water with cucumber. Cucumber water promotes healthy skin and can help sooth your skin from the inside out. Be sure to stay hydrated as it helps the body flush toxins and maintain a healthy complexion.

There are many healthy drinks that is great for your body and by doing a few simple searches on the internet you will find many. On our blog you will also find a full article on tea’s that is very healthy and good for you.

Here are a few more ideas for you on healthy drinks:

Some teas

Coconut water

Homemade Ice tea

Fresh squeezed juice

There are many different recipes on the internet and I would definitely recommend that you make some drinks at home. The problem with many store bought drinks even Ice tea is that are full of sugar and you are not doing yourself any favours by drinking them. So make your own at home and carry it with you when you leave the house. 

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