Weight loss diet plan
Weight loss diets are varied and can come in millions of different formats

Weight loss diet plan

Failing to plan is planning to fail. We all have heard the saying right so why do we still fail to plan. Planning is everything and like everything that requires a plan so does your diet. We suppose to eat to live not live to eat. We should love our food but not let it control us nor should it be our master.
During this article, I want to show you how important it is to plan our meals to live well and live long. I always wondered why is smoking in public banned but eating a horrifying amount of calories not banned from public or why are restaurants allowed to slowly kill us with their “Fast Food” ?
Is it called fast food because we on a fast track to heart attacks or type two diabetes? Where are the regulators of what we eat and why is poison available everywhere we look? That It is so important that we plan our meals and have a plan of what we want to eat. Most fast foods are bought because people want to eat now. By the time they get to the counter they are so famished that they make horrible decisions.
Well, this is an easy fix as when your meals are planned you will seldom want to hit the drive-through. I want to show you a few ways of eating better and I will also add some recipe’s for you and give you a meal plan for a week as an indication of how we can eat ourselves thin. It is a weight loss diet plan but mostly it is sustainable and not going to starve you. Weight loss can be dramatic or slow depending on how you want to do it I personally recommend that you do it healthily and that it is sustainable.
There is no point in losing weight fast and then gaining all of it equally fast, sustainability is key. Estimates are that woman burn about 2000 calories a day just by living and men about 2800 calories. Here comes that word again “calorie deficit”. That is what you will need to slim down. A deficit between the averages and what you eat.
If you exercise regularly you may move the figure up. Keep in mind of the calories that you eat, most fast food burgers are so high in calories even with exercise I doubt that you will work it off. One fast food burger that I love has 1277 Calories in a single meal so forget about the drive through if you want to lose weight. I think its perfectly ok to have it now and then if you are prepared to work for these foods. Now get on the treadmill and look how long you have to run to burn off 1277 calories. A rough estimate is 90 minutes, now think of this again are you prepared to do this then, by all means, go ahead.
Just remember this is one meal in a day and you definitely will eat more than that so make a calculated decision. This is just to give you some perspective of what you are putting in your body. I do calorie counting but also give myself off days. Not that I eat all the bad stuff just to take a breather and not overthink. I do eat what I want these days but still, keep in mind that I don’t want to pay for the whole of next week for the damage I caused the weekend. So I want us to plan a few meals to lose weight so I think a good time is for a week.
I want to look at the tasty good food that will help you slim down but keep in mind a little exercise also goes a long way.

Week .1.

Give it a Breather!

Remember that your stomach takes at least 20 minutes to realise it is full so if you think that the meal is not sufficient to give it 30 minutes it is filling.



(The day Starter)

Two hard boiled Eggs = 126 calories
One piece of Toast of choice = 100 calories
Unsalted Butter = 36 Calories
½ an avocado = 116 Calories
You may salt and pepper to taste. The meal is healthy and filling and comes in at 378 Calories.


The fueling station

Lean Beef Steak = 220 Calories
1 Boiled Potatoe = 110 Calories
Two cups raw tomato = 64 Calories
½ an onion sliced = 32 Calories
4 Cups Roman lettuce = 16 calories
Yes, I hear you salad twice in one day yes we need to make sure your system is adapting and remember the goal.
Total Calorie Count = 442 Calories.


(Eat enough but eat well)

One Large chicken breast cut in slices = 147 Calories
Two cups raw tomato = 64 Calories
½ an onion sliced = 32 Calories
4 Cups Roman lettuce = 16 calories
½ a cup of fetta cheese = 140 Calories
This chicken salad is a fresh way to continue the rest of the day and feel light and let you sleep well.
The total Calorie Count will be = 399 Calories

The total calories consumed on day 1 are 1219. As you can see we are working well against a calorie deficit and if you stick to this diet you are bound to drop the weight. Be careful what you drink though you might find you are hampering your weight loss with the way you drink.


SHOCKER – Its fasting day!

I know many people say they simply can’t! You can I say. If you are really committed to anything the reward far outweighs the price. You may have drinks but once again be careful of the calories you consume. Don’t spoil your fasting day by drinking more calories than you would eat in a day.
Total Calories = 0 . We have a very comprehensive guide to intermittent fasting on our blog. 



Yea to eating fresh

One piece of Toast of choice = 100 calories
Unsalted Butter = 36 Calories
Two Egg omelette = 188 calories
Total Calories = 324 Calories
As you can see, you can eat well and eat at a calorie deficit.
Be careful of what you add as the two egg omelette can be spiced up with delicious ad ins but make sure to calorie count them.


Large fruit Salad

This is purely to taste. A fruit salad can be extremely enjoyable and filling. It is up to you which fruits you prefer. If you don’t overindulge you should come in at a healthy calorie count of under 400 calories.
400 Calories


Let’s Eat something hearty

Delectable seafood
I wanted us to have a hearty satisfying stew. I am using seafood as it is extremely low in Calories. This meal will take you 10 minutes to prep and 10 minutes to cook in your pressure. Definitely a time and calorie saver.
Shrimp Pressure cooking Delight:
This machine is a very handy tool and does all the work for you. Simply add the ingredients I list in a pressure cooker and let cook for 10 minutes.
1 Cup Chicken Broth
1 Tablespoon Chile flakes = 267
Pinch of salt
Pinch of pepper
1 cup sliced onion = 64
1 Tablespoon garlic = 10
3 large pieces of corn cut in ½.= 85
1 chicken sausage 200
1 kg shrimp 200
You can simply cook for 10 minutes or on the fish setting. This is a low-calorie hearty meal that you will love.
The total calories are 762 but this lovely meal serves 2 so your mind can be at ease at a low 381 calories.



Yoghurt, your gut is going to love you!
This has been proven to be a great food for your gut and very healthy. Make sure that you get full-fat Yogurt as the others are loaded with sugar.
1 Cup = 310 calories
1 Fruit of choice.
Cut the fruit up in the Yogurt for a delicious breakfast.


Delicious lunch for a busy day
Filling Delicious Avocado
Avocado Sandwich with Eggs
Two slices Ri bread top with mashed Avocado
Top with egg whites, tomatoes and goats cheese.
For an extra burst of energy ad some sautéed spinach and salt and pepper to taste.
Healthy delicious and low calorie = 410 Calories
Dinner date with some great food!
Roasted chicken and veg
This is a low-calorie meal that is extremely easy.
Cut a few of your favourite veggies and coat them with olive oil.
Put a chicken breast and the coated veggies in a tray and oven grill them.
Easy no fuss lovely food. This can be spiced to taste.

It’s finally Friyay !


This astonishing delicious food has a low 182 Calories total.
Scramble 2 Eggs with 200 gram fresh mushrooms. If you feel it is too little as a slice of rye toast. You may spice it any way you like.
The weekend is in sight but let’s be careful of not to fall off the bandwaggon.
Let’s eat fresh and learn to love great food.
Spring roll salad
We are going to eat fresh today and feel amazing.
Thinly slice ¼ cup red cabbage, bell pepper, carrots, cucumber and avocado. ¼ cup of each. Placed on a bed of lettuce and top with steamed prawns. Get a light souce to pair with.
Your body is adapting to your better way of eating so the first day or two you might feel sluggish. Don’t worry you are going to be fine you are just in the adaption phase.

Friday Fun Dinner

What’s a Friday without a burger??
I have always loved a burger but we trying to lose weight right? Yes so how do we do it healthily?
This meal is so easy to make and low in calories as we remove the bun. Use any patty you like. This can be served as you do your normal burgers but remove the bun and use lettuce for the bun. You might want to do a few layers to give it more substance.

I can really go on and on with all kinds of recipe’s that will be very good for you and make you lose weight but it’s important that you work our your meal plan with healthy foods that you love. There are hundreds of combinations but we all have our own food loves. I want to list some foods for you that’s not only great for weight loss but they have been proven to keep you fuller for longer.

Fruits for weight loss

7.Goji Berries
8.Pomegranate seeds
High-fibre Veggies
2.Black beans
6.Kidney Beans
7.White beans

Nuts & Seeds

2.Almond Butter
3.Chia Seeds
4.Flax Seeds
5.Pine Nuts


weight loss starches


Essential Proteins

1.Avocado Oil
Filling food that is all great for you.

Everyone will have a different weight loss journey and I want to encourage you to share yours with us so we can share in each other’s success and pass it on so that we can all learn from each other and live better and most importantly to eat better. Whatever you do remember to calorie count so you can be assured of success and weight loss. When it comes to weekends be careful as we tend to think because we eat so well in the week that we can just let our hair down and then over eat and ruin the calorie deficit we worked so hard on.
What I would suggest that you do is have a cheat meal a week. Something you really love that reminds you of your journey and something that inspires you to do better. There are so much healthy delicious foods out there it is up to you to find them and prepare them in such a way that you are satisfied. It won’t always be easy but it is most definitely worth your time.

Franz Van Rooyen

Franz Van Rooyen is a health and fitness, blogger, interior designer, and sales and marketing expert with experience in the retail, design, and information technology fields. His love for health, fitness and beauty is the inspiration for many of the articles you will see on bionicsgo.com .

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