Weight loss water

Weight loss water

What is the impact of water on my weight loss and is it the “be all and end all” in a diet. What is the recommended intake, what is too much and what is too little?

What happens if I drink only water and no other liquid


There are many minor problems that all adults suffer from, from time to time. Things like stomach pains, some heart issues, body fat and skin disorders and a variety of other health problems might be the result of eating high-sugar fizzy drinks. If you don’t want to experience these replace them with this great alternative, water.

Water definitely promote weight loss as it kick starts your metabolism. Studies have shown that drinking just 17 fluid ounces of water can boost your metabolism by 24%. If you are like me that forget to drink the recommended amount of water set yourself reminders. The change in your energy levels and your weight should be recognizable quite quickly. Your brain will function more optimally as the brain consists of approximately 75% of water so it’s obvious of you want to increase brain function increase your water intake. Drinking water will help you focus better and maintain mental energy.

Drinking water also curbs cravings and makes you less prone to overeat. If you are prone to overeating replace the snake with water before indulging, you will be less inclined to eat what you planned on. Drinking water will signal your brain that you are fuller so you don’t end up piling on that calories. Water detoxifies your body, toxins from food and the environment pass through our systems on a daily basis. If you need to give your system no factors to aid the detoxification process toxins could build up and cause all sorts of health problems. Something that would help expel toxins much faster is water. When drinking water your risk of developing certain diseases drops drastically.

Hypertension, heart problems liver disease, diabetes and other health problems have a higher risk of developing when you don’t drink enough water. Your skin will become more plump and smoother. We forget, or personally I forget we need to understand that we need to feed our bodies inside to see the results outside. The outside of our bodies are just a mirror image of what is going on, on the inside. On top of all the health benefits of drinking water you will definitely see a change in your body as less money will be spent on fizzy drinks and those on the go take away coffees that costs and arm and a leg.

Some benefits of drinking water

Weight Loss and water |An essential part of life

Dehydration is something we should not take lightly and it can have some serious consequences and in extreme cases cause death. Dehydration in a mild form can bring on headaches, fatigue and constipation and can even make your body odour smell much more potent. I have heard many times that you must drink eight cups of water per day but it is not a tailored solution as people that’s of different sizes will need different amounts of water.

Our bodies will also at times mistake hunger and thirst signals so get in a habit of drinking water often and this will also teach your body when you are really hungry or just thirsty. Water can help protect against some kinds of cancers. I am not saying it’s a cancer cure I am simply saying it is helpful in the prevention of certain cancers. Research has shown the greater the fluid intake the lower the incidents rates are of bladder cancer. A lot of water prevents the build-up of bladder of poisons in the bladder. Staying hydrated can also reduce the risk of colon cancer and breast cancer.

Dehydration also cause one to be irritable, it’s rare that people link irritability and dehydration but believe me they are linked and definitely worth staying hydrated. A study has shown that 30% of people that suffer from headaches manage to relieve their headaches by just drinking a few cups of water.

Some of the common signs of dehydration are increased thirst, being tired and sleepy, dry mouth, decreased urine output, headache, dry skin, dizziness and urine of a darker colour.  The signs that you are getting enough water are frequent or regular urination. Water helps with bowel movements. When bowel movements are regular waist and toxins are removed from the body. Not only does water detox the body it reduces swelling and keeps the body clean. Drinking water first thing in the morning helps eliminate sleepiness and also fills you up which Is a great way to reduce food intake and loose some pounds.

Water also stimulates the growth of red blood cells thus creating more oxygen in your blood and keep you feeling energised. Water is also essential to your immune system and by keeping a stable balance of fluids in your body it will lead to a reduction of infections. Simply drinking water in the mornings will strengthen your immune system and help fighting illnesses.

Drinking hot water increases your metabolic rate by 24% helping you to burn more calories and will help you to digest food much faster and more efficiently.   

Is water better for me hot or cold?  

According to a nutrition website those who drink water that is 80 to 106 degrees Fahrenheit could be damaging the body. By drinking cold water you increase the risk of getting sick and the reason is that cold water decreases the function of the immune system which is caused by the creation of access mucus in the body because of drinking cold water. Research has also shown drinking cold water can also slow down the digestion process. So where do we stand with all this confusing information? The fact is drinking warm water is simply better for you than drinking cold water. One fact that cannot be contested is that drinking water Is vital for your overall health.

There are many advantages to drinking warm water. According to researcher warm water helps break down the food in your stomach. She states that people having cold water after or with a meal hardens the food in their stomach and creates a fat deposit in the intestine. Warm water is also beneficial for cramps as it helps increase blood flow to the skin and also helps relax the cramp muscles. Toxins in the body have the ability to speed up the aging process.  Warm water can help with increasing elasticity in the skin. Water in general is useful for reducing cramps and bloating but hot water packs a powerful punch because it relaxes your stomach muscles at the same time.

How much water should I drink?


According to Doctors as adults we are simply under hydrated. It’s difficult as I said before to determine what is the correct amount for individuals but an easy goal is that your urine should basically look like water. The moment your urine starts getting deep yellow in colour it is your body telling your urine is very concentrated and you need to drink more water. An easy number to remember is to drink about 2 litters of water per. This sounds like a lot but it is actually not. This is 4 small bottles of water that we commonly hence my suggestion earlier to carry a bottle with you to save you some cost.

The key is to stay hydrated throughout the day and not to try and catch up at bedtime as you most probably will just urine it out. Water is extremely important if you just think of all the functions that they fulfil. It’s essential for your skin, your organs, your respiration, digestion and cleaning toxins out of the body. It is kind of complicated if you want to know exactly how much water to drink as a number of factors would play a part like sex, shape of a person and even the climate you stay in.

As an average doctors recommend 6 glasses a day but if you exercise or work outside  they recommend about two cups more but the best method of looking if you have enough water is by looking at your urine colour. It is also important to remember that there are water rich foods that you can eat like spinach and cucumber and these foods are also great for your body in many other ways.

Doctors take it so seriously that they recommend drinking water when you are not even thirsty.

The wrong and right?

How do I get most out of my water intake? Doctors recommend that you don’t drink water to fast. After exercise for instance or when you very thirsty you drink water at record speed and this will only cause you to feel full quickly and to urinate it out quickly. Give your body time to store the water. According to Dr. L Smith a gastrointestinal vascular general surgeon sipping 60 – 90 ml of water at a time throughout the day should do the trick.

Keep in mind that there is such a thing as drinking too much water and you can actually die from something called hyponatremia. This happens when an abnormal consumption of water dilutes the sodium in your body and fills it up with so much water that your cells start to swell. So remember to sip on your water and don’t go crazy with your water consumption.

It is also bad for your body to have a lot of water after a meal. When your body starts do digest food your gastric juices is hard at work to break down the food so your body can absorb important vitamins and nutrients and pass what is not needed down to your intestines. When drinking a lot of water while all this is happening you dilute the gastric juices and cause insulin levels to rise. This disruption in digestion may cause you to feel bloated and gassy and can cause indigestion. This is the same for having water just before your meals as well.

Once again you can have water with meals but do it in sips and do so slowly. Before you drink a whole glass of water wait an hour or two after eating this way most of the food have been digested and not detrimental to the process. Before meals the best would be to drink a reasonable amount of water 40 minutes before you eat.

Is all water equal?

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I wanted to know if carbonated water is just as healthy as normal water. I personally prefer anything with a bubble so I wanted to find out if I could stick to carbonated water.

First things first carbonated water, club soda or soda water is always a better option that sugary fizzy drinks. In the past concerns has been raised that carbonated water is not good for your health. I explored it and I was very surprised, actually delighted of what I have found.

Carbonated water is water that’s been infused with carbon dioxide gas under pressure to ad bubbles. Sometimes they have salt added to improve the taste and sometimes small amounts of other minerals are added.  When water and carbon dioxide gas reacts they produce a week acid called carbonic acid. Carbonic acid has been known to affect the same receptors in your mouth as mustard and cinnamon and that is what triggers that prickly sensation we experience.  

Carbonic acid makes the Ph of water a 3 or 4 which means the water is slightly acidic. Let me just clarify drinking an acidic drink does not make your body more acidic. Our kidneys and lungs remove access carbon dioxide which insures our blood always stays slightly alkaline regardless what we eat or drink. So myth busted carbonated water is a good replacement if you don’t like water.

Lastly does it affect dental health? The acidity of carbonated water does not affect your cells but can have an effect on your teeth. The enamel that protects the teeth is exposed to acid. These waters only show a slightly greater dissolution than still waters. Levels are low and if we were to look at soft drinks over 100 times less damaging. Studies have shown that sparkling water damage your teeth slightly more than still water so I was absolutely delighted that another myth has been busted as far as sparkling water goes.

The sugar in drinks is what does the damage not the carbonation. Surprisingly in a study 16 healthy people were asked to swallow different liquids carbonated water showed the strongest ability to stimulate the nerves that makes you swell. In laymen’s term they affected the subjects positively. Sparkling water also makes you feel fuller for longer as it helps food stay in the first part of your stomach for loner which triggers the sensation of fullness. Sparkling water also helps with chronic constipation and related digestive symptoms like stomach pain. Small studies have found significant benefits when comparing sparkling to still water.

I think I have now finally established what my drink of choice will remain but the fact of the matter remain that water trumps all other drinks when general health are considered.

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