Weight Loss Zumba
Does the Zumba workout really work

Weight Loss Zumba

As all of us know exercising is not always that part of our day that we look forward to. Sometimes just the thought of exercise makes one want to lie down. It’s crucial that we understand if we want to live well and live long we need to exercise. We mostly sit in today’s times so it’s important that we move and get moving. We need to get that heart pumping and get our bodies the exercise it deserves. Change your mind about exercise so your body can change and your life can change by using weight loss zumba.

There are so many exercises to choose from these days that there are no more excuses for not exercising and not being healthy. We are all different so different exercises will appeal to different people. If I take myself as a simple example I am never going to be a triathlete but I love hiking and cycling and going for walks in my neighbourhood, so I focus on those exercises. Something else I found that I really like is the Zumba. It is more of a dance than an exercise and I completely forget that I am exercising as it is so much fun.

I would like to look into this new form of exercise because I am sure there are many of you that would love this form of exercise.

The Zumba is a dance form and believers say that if you dance for an hour and eat 500 calories a day less than you need to maintain your weight, you should easily lose 2 pounds weekly or 8 pounds a month. This is not only a fast way of weight loss it’s a healthy way to shed those extra, unwanted pounds. This healthy way of loosing would also prevent you from losing muscle instead of fat.  Zumba is a dance so you can expect to get a calorie burning cardiovascular workout.  The basis of the exercise is Latin dance moves but it is a fusion dance style that has hip-hop elements and reggaeton elements all combined to give you a fun dance exercise in the privacy of your own home or in a group.

The Zumba is for all ages and they have different intensity levels to cater to everyone’s needs. There are many different types of Zumba classes to suit every age and experience level. I will list them for you so that you can see which Zumba is the one best suited for you.

Zumba Step

This Zumba is combined with step aerobics and will tone and enhance your body in a cardiovascular way and increase the masculinity of your body. It’s great to burn calories and increase your lower body strength.



Zumba Toning

This Zumba is specifically aimed at people who work out using toning sticks. It targets the abs, thighs, arms and other muscles throughout the body. This type of Zumba also provides you with a great cardio workout and strength training.

Aqua Zumba

If you love the water you will love this type of Zumba. It’s a great exercise and it is comfortable on the joins. The dance is carried out in water so obviously, the pace will be slower but it is very enjoyable and a refreshing exercise.

Aqua Zumba


Zumba Gold

This type of Zumba caters to the largest group of the population typically from 50 – 70 and even older.  This Zumba is great for strengthening and toning muscles. Zumba Gold classes place emphasis on using light weights and achieve your results by using toning stick in particular.

Zumba Kids

This Zumba is aged at our kids aged seven to eleven. This is a great way to get kids active and teach them healthy habits from young.  This is also a great confidence builder for our kids. This is actually done by teaching similar steps to the original Zumba but they ad fun games and activities.

Zumba Kids JR

This Zumba is aimed at Kids between the ages of four to six, this is a fun little children’s party combined with Zumba steps.  What is great about this Zumba is parents and children can do it together.


It’s never too early for children to pick up the musical and active lifestyle. These classes have many benefits. Zumbini is aged at children from zero to three and is a fun way for parents and guardians to bond with babies during classes and it is an upbeat setting and a very positive environment.

Zumba in the Circuit

This program combines the fun Zumba and your circuit training at the Gym. This is a great way of boosting metabolism whilst performing this fun dance workout.  This session is popular with people of all ages.

Plate by Zumba

This is an educational course and on eating habits and how to improve them. The instructor teaches you how to eat and be healthy.

Zumba’s high-end low-intensity workout intervals make for an excellent cardio workout. Traditionally the Zumba focussed on strengthening the core but has since developed and includes a number of different workouts.

Zumba was born in Colombia in the 1990’s, by simple accident. A fitness instructor forgot to bring his exercise music with him, so he grabbed some Latin music that he had in his car. His class went forward with clients sweating to music like the salsa and the rumba and they loved it. Zumba has become known as a party and not a conventional workout especially for those of us that do not like working out.

The Zumba classes are just like any other instructor-led workouts but put the fun back into exercise. The Zumba steps will definitely let you break a sweat but because it’s fun the time flies by and you barely notice that you are working out. I think the most impressive part of Zumba is to see how many people that do not like exercise do it.  One study in America showed that woman with Type two diabetes and obesity and did Zumba for 16 weeks and three times a week lost an average of 2.5 pounds and lowered their body fat by 1%. The woman enjoyed the class so much they made it a habit.  Zumba simply does not seem like hard work said one of the subjects as we had so much fun. This unique work out in disguise has many health and mental benefits for those that dare to do something new.

Another study linked Zumba’s hip swinging, stomach-gyrating movements to core trunk strength and better balance in older overweight woman and men.  After eight weeks their quality of life scores jumped up 9% and they showed a remarkable 16% improvement on self-esteem.  A related study on Zumba’s psychological benefits participants said their lives feel more purposeful and they feel more independent. It’s not hard to see why it could be freeing, as you have to let go and have fun.

Zumba is also helpful for older adults that can’t run or do heavy training and exercise.  Zumba is extremely popular and can even be done in the comfort of your own home. There are many videos available on the internet where you can be assisted to dance to your heart’s content. If you are the type of person that likes to go out and get active with other people there are many classes almost everywhere in the world where you can join a group.

You can simply look for a Zumba class online as there will definitely be a class in your area, local gym or in your nearest town. Over the last few years, people have changed their way of getting into shape and have started looking at alternative fun ways to get their exercise. We live in an age where we can have absolutely no excuses, this is the information age and with a little research, we can accomplish anything. We have all the tools at our disposal all we need to do is to get going.

No excuses, but I do understand that some people can find the gym boring so why not make your workout fun with Zumba.  Zumba in my City Johannesburg South Africa is literally available everywhere and I am sure when searching the web you will find the same in your city. The official Zumba site states that the Zumba has spread to more than 180 countries. 15 million people and in an astonishing 200 000 locations. The official creator is Beto Perez a smart man that improvised his dance class to this worldwide sensation. That said, if you accept the estimate of 100 000 instructors and use Zumba’s claim of 85% of them pay 30 dollars a month for ZIN, you start with recurring annual revenue of at least 30.6 million dollars.

Zumba fitness, the popular Latin-inspired dance-fitness company is based in South-Florida. To teach the Zumba you need to be an approved licensed instructor which can give you the peace of mind that you getting your money’s worth when joining a class.

Zumba is in every country, except for ones with embargoes or where dancing is banned. In Iran for instance, Zumba itself is illegal.  America, Germany and Japan are Zumba’s biggest markets. South Korea, Turkey and Russia love Zumba, and Indonesia is the brand’s fastest-growing market.

Some international launches recently have been challenging. In China, for instance, Zumba had to develop its registration system on WeChat, which is where Chinese consumers interact with brands, because of the country’s internet firewall. The potential for the company in China is huge, Perlman said. “It’s our next frontier.” And ironically, conquering Colombia hasn’t been easy.

“I think it is because no one is a prophet in their land as we all know is a saying in Spanish. The gym culture is not as robust in Colombia as in some of their Latin neighbours. “But Zumba are making inroads.”

Cuba? Founders are excited about the potential because some of Zumba’s best instructors are of Cuban heritage. “We are working on getting permission to train people in Cuba, says Perlman of the Founders.

To be sure, there’s plenty of room to grow globally. The global health club industry revenue totalled $87.2 billion in 2017 and served more than 174 million members, with the U.S. leading the way, according to the 2018 IHRSA Global Report: The State of the Health Club IndustryYet the top 10 markets across the globe account for more than two out of three health club members and 71 per cent of total industry revenue, the report by one of the largest global fitness industry trade groups found. Most of the opportunity is seen in Asia, where health club penetration rates are in single digits. While the U.S. health club membership has grown 33 percent in total since 2008, the report found, China’s market is expected to grow 20 percent annually over the next few years.

Even so, Zumba may have already passed its popularity heyday, and diversifying with Strong by Zumba may have been a smart business strategy. Zumba’s signature dance fitness fell out of the top 20 worldwide fitness trends in 2014, when it was 28th on the list that year, according to the annual American College of Sports Medicine ranking. Zumba was No. 13 on the survey in 2013 and reached a high of No. 9 in 2012. In 2017, Zumba fell to No. 39 and remained there in 2018. The authors suggested it may have been more of a fad than a trend, while high-intensity training — Strong by Zumba’s domain — has recently topped the list of worldwide fitness trends.

As high-intensity training workouts were gaining in popularity around 2014 and 2015, Zumba’s co-founders were intrigued. But Perlman and Beto took classes during trade shows, and Beto said the music didn’t match the routines and wasn’t motivating. For example, specific sounds in the music should motivate people to punch or kick, Beto said.

To solve that problem, Zumba created workouts and then went to producers such as Timbaland and Steve Aoki to score these workouts with music and sounds, in the same way they would score a movie.

And now, less than two years after Strong by Zumba started, about 400,000 people are taking part in more than 18,000 classes weekly. Strong by Zumba is growing much faster than Zumba did in its first few years.

“I see a lot of people not wanting to try it in the beginning, but once they do, they fall in love with it and stick to it,” said Cathy Medina, an instructor in the Miami area. “You are using your own body weight to strength train, so it’s beautiful.”

While about 65 percent of the Strong instructors also teach Zumba, like Medina, the other 35 percent is the fastest-growing segment right now, Perlman said.

“We are seeing a lot of people from outside of Zumba discovering it because it is not dancing. We are getting personal trainers, martial artists, kick-boxing instructors, cross-fit instructors, ninja warrior types.”

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